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Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac 01

Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac

Armagnac Ténarèze
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Vintage aasta
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Color: Deep amber.

Nose: Rich aromas of wood and rancio, indicative of its extended aging.

Palate: Boisé yet very elegant, with a full-bodied and rich mouthfeel. The flavors are well-developed, showcasing complex notes of aged wood and rancio.

Finish: Long and satisfying, with lingering wood and rancio characteristics.


Domaine Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac

The Domaine Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac is a distinguished expression from the renowned Ténarèze region. Bottled at 46% ABV, this Armagnac boasts over 20 years of aging, resulting in a spirit that is both boisé and exceptionally elegant. Its deep amber hue reflects the rich and complex character within, making it a prized addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

The 1999 vintage is characterized by its remarkable volume and rich mouthfeel, offering a tasting experience that is both full-bodied and sophisticated. The nose presents rich aromas of wood and rancio, hallmarks of its extended maturation. On the palate, it is boisé yet refined, with well-developed flavors that reveal the complexity of aged wood and rancio. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lasting impression of its elegant and mature profile.

Presentation of the decanter

The Domaine Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac is presented in a tall, slender bottle that highlights its deep amber hue. The label is modern and minimalist, featuring a striking circular design that evokes the natural elements of the terroir. Topped with a white cap, this bottle exudes a contemporary charm while emphasizing its rich heritage and sophisticated contents. It is a beautiful addition to any collection and a perfect gift for special occasions.

How to drink

Enjoy the Domaine Séailles 1999 Vintage Armagnac neat to fully appreciate its complex flavors and aromatic profile. Its boisé and elegant palate, combined with a full-bodied and rich mouthfeel, makes it perfect for savoring slowly. This Armagnac is ideal for both casual sipping and celebratory toasts, offering a delightful and memorable tasting experience.

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