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Deep Dive Bourgoin

Bourgoin Cognac

A journey through tradition and innovation

Bourgoin Cognac is a brand that stands out in the world of spirits. It's a story of passion, family, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This guide will take you through the history, production process, and unique characteristics of Bourgoin Cognac, providing an in-depth understanding of this exceptional brand. This passion extends from the cultivation of the land and the nurturing of the vines to the fermentation of the wine and the distillation and maturation of the final product. Read all about Bourgoin and their unique microbarrels - a technique that has significantly contributed to the brand's distinct taste profile.

The Bourgoin Story

The Bourgoin journey began in November 2015, driven by a passion for creation, nature, and people. The youngest of the Cognac houses, Bourgoin has quickly established its vision of winemaking, with a commitment to bringing pleasure, joy, and emotion to every tasting.

The family-run vineyard is managed by Maëlys Bourgoin, while parents Muguette and Alain have been lovingly running the distillery since 1986. The Bourgoin family's dedication to excellence has been passed down through generations, ever since Léon-Marcel Bourgoin arrived in the village of Tarsac in 1930.

Bourgoin Cognac is a testament to the symbiosis between mineral, natural elements, animal, vegetable, and human. The truth of their craft is found at the bottom of the bottle, where the quality of the grape is expressed in its purest form.

The Production Process & "Microbarriques"

Bourgoin Cognac is unique in its production process. It was the first house to start finishing its wines in microbarrels, a technique that has significantly contributed to the brand's distinct taste profile. The term "micro barrique" refers to a small oak barrel used for aging Cognac. The smaller size of the barrel increases the surface area to volume ratio, allowing the Cognac to interact more with the wood, which can accelerate the aging process and influence the flavor profile of the Cognac.

Bourgoin's Micro Barrique Cognac is a testament to their innovative approach. The 2002 vintage, for instance, is a popular product that showcases the unique qualities that the micro barrique aging process can impart on the Cognac. The use of micro barriques allows Bourgoin to create a Cognac that is rich, complex, and full of character.

The vineyard spans 25 hectares, primarily planted with Ugni Blanc grapes, and operates three stills. The Cognac is created by Frédéric Bourgoin, who holds the title of "inspired winemaker". He has meticulously crafted his XO premiers bois 1994 vinifié, distilled and matured on the family estate. This Cognac is unblended, reduced with rainwater, gravity-fed racking at new moon, and bottled by hand, without filtration. The result is a fine piece of work, with an unprecedented finish, achieved in small 10-liter barrels that the cooper flame-heated to "caramelize" the oak. This process gives the Cognac discreet vanilla-coconut notes after a more vegetal start, with an ample, smooth aromatic profile and a long finish that evolves towards candied citrus.

The People Behind Bourgoin Cognac

Frédéric Bourgoin

Frédéric Bourgoin is a paradoxical figure: open to the world yet rooted in the family estate, embracing new technologies while understanding that quality eau-de-vie requires time. He is proud of his great-grandfather's outdated still but is keen to modernize processes and adapt them to today's tastes. His diverse background, including a law degree, technical training in viticulture, and commercial training, has equipped him with a unique perspective on the Cognac industry. He is an alchemist on the run, a jack-of-all-trades winemaker whose first job was distributing wines in Vietnam.

Frédéric launched his own Cognac in November 2015, a first for the family who were accustomed to selling their wines to major trading companies. His Cognac is unconventional, described as "not organic, but natural". It's exclusively XO aged in small barrels of Limousin oak, with a 1994 vintage. His Cognac is unblended, unfiltered, additive-free, and reduced with rainwater. To stand out, Frédéric developed a unique technique called "La chauffe crocodile", which softens the eaux-de-vie by retaining the most aggressive alcohols. The result is a smooth, surprisingly clear Cognac.

Alain Bourgoin

Alain Bourgoin, Frédéric's father, was born 62 years ago to winegrowing parents and grandparents. He took his first steps in distillation with his grandfather in front of a 100-year-old boiler. Despite the challenges of running a small farm and the economic crises, Alain and his wife persevered, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and the pride of producing Cognac, a spirit unique to the Charente region. Alain's philosophy is to stay positive, keep the momentum going, and keep the desire to build and move forward.

Rebecca Asseline

Rebecca Asseline joined the Bourgoin team just a few days before the start of the pandemic. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles in the spirits industry, both in events management and working for a Cognac trading brand. Rebecca is passionate about promoting a better understanding of what goes into making Cognac, and she sees her role at Bourgoin as a relationship of authenticity and a strong desire to share know-how.

The Bourgoin Cognac Experience

Bourgoin Cognac offers a unique tasting experience. The brand's Cognacs are characterized by their smoothness and roundness on the palate, with notes of flambéed banana, roasted pineapple, and other fruity aromas. The finish in 10-liter micro-barrels, over-toasted during the bousinage, makes the Cognac much rounder on the palate. This approach softens the Cognac, resulting in a smooth, round taste.

Bourgoin Cognac is also known for its innovative approach to Cognac production. One of their recent creations is a Cognac blended with 10-year-old spirits reduced with seawater. This liquid offers a surprising revelation with its salty and iodine notes, titillating the taste buds and intensifying the olfactory and gustatory perception of the Cognac.

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Bourgoin Cognac is more than just a brand; it's a story of passion, family, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From the vineyard to the bottle, every step of the process is carefully considered to create a Cognac that brings pleasure, joy, and emotion with every tasting. Whether you're a Cognac connoisseur or a curious novice, Bourgoin Cognac offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

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