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Remy Martin XO Atelier Thiery Limited Edition Cognac 01
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Remy Martin XO Atelier Thiery Limited Edition Cognac


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Remy Martin Cognac


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Eye: An enchanting Gold Cognac shade. 

Nose: Exceptionally smooth, with a powerful yet understated aroma. An explosion of flavors that truly delight on the nose. 

Palate: Reveals its aromas progressively throughout the tasting experience. Beginning with plum, mature fig and candied orange. Slowly develops into spicy notes with a hint of cinnamon and freshly crushed hazelnuts. The finish offers gourmet elements of roasted cacao beans, honey and ginger. Smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Remy Martin XO Atelier Thiery Limited Edition Cognac

Cognac and Gold finally meet with this extraordinary one-of-a-kind collaboration between Rémy Martin and Atelier Thiery. A true ode to French excellence and innovation. Harmony of a Cognac house established three centuries ago, with a gliding studio in Paris, two brands that both proudly bear the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label, have crafted a Cognac committed to true craftsmanship. Revealing an impressive tasting experience that offers a sensory delight, it’s both powerful and understated in equal measures.

Paying tribute to Rémy Martin's founding in 1724, a collection of 1,724 individual centaurs of this work of art are in existence. A truly limited selection, it's both a rare and magnificent Cognac to own. Each bottle is inspired by its blend of up to 400 finest Rémy Martin eaux-de-vie, which is sourced exclusively from the premier regions of the Cognac; Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. The customized carafes are numbered, featuring a unique front and neck label, as each bottle represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity. Truly a Cognac for the connoisseur to appreciate.

Presentation of the bottle

A true spectacle from the moment it meets the eye, this Cognac immediately captures attention with its commemorative sculpture, evoking the striking parallels between cognac and gold. Enlisting the help of Charles Kaisin to craft the limited-edition decanter, a whole new dimension to leaf gold is born. Gilded in 18-karat gold by the masters at Atelier Thiery, a shimmering portrait displays the relationship between fine art, expertise and creative flair that this fine Cognac embodies. Such a masterpiece deserves display, which is why it was exhibited at The Design Museum in London from June 17 – June 28, 2021. A nod to the brilliance that awaits beneath the bottle, it is a selection that deserves to enjoy the limelight.

How to enjoy

The quintessence of Remy Martin XO, is the perfect harmony between fruits and spice that can be enjoyed neat, on ice, in a cocktail, or with specific pairings.

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Über Remy Martin Cognac

Rémy Martin Cognac ist ein etablierter Cognac Produzent und wurde 1724 gegründet. Das Cognac Haus gibt es also seit fast 300 Jahren und stellt exquisiten Fine Champagne Cognac und Eaux-de-vie her. Fine Champagne Cognac zeugt von höchster Qualität in der Produktion. Mit Produkten wie dem berühmten Louis XIII hat Rémy Martin - auf dessen Flaschen ein schwarzes Zentaur Logo zu sehen ist - internationale Anerkennung gefunden und eine spannende Geschichte von Familienfehden, Fusionen - und in den letzten Jahren - einen Boom in der amerikanischen Kultur erlebt.

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