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Naulin XO Fins Bois Cognac

Fins Bois
Naulin Cognac


Eye: Bright amber

Nose: Rich aromas of jasmine, vanilla and fruits

Palate: Intense and strong notes of candied fruits with a round and delicate finish


A Cognac that Symbolizes Elegance with Powerful Touches

The Naulin XO Fins Bois Cognac is aged over at least 10 years in oak barrels, which earns the Cognac its deserving classification as an extra old Cognac. Apart from the Cognac’s aging process that sets its quality apart, the Naulin XO Fins Bois Cognac is made with Ugni Blanc harvested entirely from the prestigious Fins Bois terroir, a region for its famous fruity and floral tasting grapes - Naulin XO Fins Bois Cognac definitely has it all.

How To Serve

The Cognac is best enjoyed as an aperitif or a drink after dinner in a traditional snifter glass.

Presentation of The Decanter

Comes in a bold and modern bottle with a silver stopper. Perfect centerpiece on everyone’s mantel.

Heritage of Naulin

NAULIN COGNAC comes from a very long line of family traditions that expresses the region’s various Crus. The family believes in achieving a balance between tradition and modern appeal, NAULIN gains its generosity, simplicity and aromatic profile from the meticulous work of the Boinaud Family who bring it all its expertise and knowledge.

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