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Guillon-Painturaud Réserve Vieille Reserve Cognac 01

Guillon-Painturaud Réserve Vieille Reserve Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Guillon Painturaud Cognac

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Nose: Bitter orange, candied citrus and spices

Palate: round and reveals notes of muscat and citrus peel which evolve with a touch of wood. It is harmonious and inviting with a soft and light finish.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Guillon-Painturaud Vieille Réserve

 Guillon-Painturaud Vieille Reserve Cognac embodies the importance of remaining patient throughout the maturation process of Cognac. It is a full, sophisticated and complex Cognac made up of exclusive eaux-de-vie from the Premier Cru and aged for around 25 years.

Vieille Reserve Cognac is a mature Grande Champagne Cognac that is described by its maker as 'an elegant fruit bomb'. The houses of Guillon-Painturaud are known for their single estate creations, and the eaux-de-vie used in this very old blend is from a single (undeclared) vintage year. Each blend is aged for at least 20 years before bottling. A delicate blend, that offers a touch of femininity to Cognac through its lightness. With sweet notes of ripe raisin and fresh fig, this is a Cognac of exceptional value, given its long history and lengthy aging process.

Spanning over 19 hectares of land, the house of Guillon-Painturaud lies in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, 1st cru of Cognac. Dating back as far as 1610, the family's ancestors are responsible for cultivating the land in which they use to grow their vines today. Today, the brand applies their meticulous craftsmanship to producing ranges of both Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

Presentation of the bottle

Simple yet elegant, the Guillon-Painturaud Vieille Reserve Cognac decanter is as luxurious as the Cognac it houses. Its toffee-tinged caramel hue coloring glisten against opulent golden details on the bottle and accompanying bespoke gift box. A tasteful gift idea for someone who appreciates all of life’s luxuries.

How to enjoy

As you sip and savor, appreciate how its delicate aromas under the nose are harmonised with the fruitiness of the eaux-de-vie and strong woody undertones from the oak casks.Guillon Painturaud Vieille Reserve is best enjoyed neat or over ice with a splash of tonic. It can be enjoyed as a post dinner digestive, or alongside a delicious meal. Maison Guillon Painturaud recommend pairing Vieille Reserve with Lobster claws in Millefeuille.

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Über Guillon Painturaud Cognac

The Cognac house of Guillon-Painturaud has a history that can be traced back to the early seventeenth century, and covers 18 hectares of prime Premier Cru terrain. A traditionally run, artisan producer, the house produces a range of cognacs that are both affordable and will appeal to all levels of cognac drinker. They grow solely the Ugni Blanc grape, which they use to create their Cognacs and Pineau des Charentes. All of the process of Cognac production is carried out at the family farm, from the tending of the land and growing the fruits, through the distillation, aging, blending and bottling.

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