Godet Folle-Blanche Epicure Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Godet Cognac
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Godet Breathes New Life Into the Folle Blanche

Godet Folle-Blanche Epicure Cognac is a confident offering from the La Rochelle-based Cognac house, a celebration of tradition and rarity. This is especially due to the blend’s primary inclusion of the Folle Blanche– the grape that started it all. Since the 16th century, the Folle Blanche defined the Charente region and the Cognacs that came out of it. It was the fruit from which ‘Brandwijn’ was first distilled, the Dutch word for ‘burnt wine’ which acted as the ancestor to Cognac. Though it was omnipresent in Cognac’s early era, the phylloxera epidemic of the 19th century almost wiped it out completely; today, it is still declining, but Godet has been committed to maintaining and promoting it since the 1980s.

With the Folle Blanche at the forefront, then, and 20 years spent in oak barrels aging to perfection by the seaside of La Rochelle, the Godet Folle-Blanche Epicure Cognac is an unforgettable Cognac. On the nose, it captures the original sweetness of Cognac, at once exuberant and precise, fruity and floral, medicinal and even oceanic. Notes of malted barley and sea spray sit alongside hits of candied, citrus and exotic fruits, such as lemon, grapefruit and passionfruit, respectively. A creamy character then emerges with notes of porridge and salted butter.

On the palate, this Folle Blanche blend delights. Light and fruity, creamy and sweet, it achieves both ampleness and delicacy– no small feat. It then evolves into earthy flavors, with spicy additions from cinnamon and a touch of licorice. On the mid-palate, the aromatic exoticism is rediscovered with flavors of passionfruit and pineapple. Black fruits like blackcurrant and verbena then join to reinforce the sweetness. Overall, it is at once voluptuous and tender, and reveals the original character of Cognac in utterly satisfying fashion.

This XO blend is presented in a beautiful Cognacaise bottle with a cracked glass effect, evoking images of treasure troves from years past and that characteristic seaside quality. It is accompanied by an exquisite white box decorated with an intricate floral illustration.

With a rare grape variety front and centre and Cognac’s centuries-old history powering the flavors, this XO is a no-brainer for Cognac aficionados.

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Über Godet Cognac

Das Haus Godet Cognac wird seit 14 Generationen von der Familie geführt. Es ist ein perfektes Beispiel für ein Cognac Haus, das tief an die Tradition dieses Geistes und seine Ursprünge glaubt. Gleichzeitig gelingt es Godet, mit der Moderne Schritt zu halten, indem es kürzlich einen Cognac aus einer in der Cognacindustrie fast ausgestorbenen Traubensorte hergestellt hat: Folle Blache. Dieser Cognac heißt "Antarctica Godet" und wurde durch einen zweimonatigen Segeltörn zum Südpol inspiriert.

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