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Chateau de Montifaud XO Silver Cognac 01

Chateau de Montifaud XO Silver Cognac

Petite Champagne
Chateau de Montifaud
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The length on the palate is very beautiful with a slightly spicy finish.  Elegant, both original and of great finesse, you will be impressed by its complexity.  


An Extra Old Cognac from the Petite Champagne 

The Chateau de Montifaud estate is nestled at the cusp of the Premier Cru where it meets the Petite Champagne, and therefore occupies one of the most enviable positions in the region for producing Cognacs such as the Chateau de Montifaud XO Silver. This is an exclusive Extra Old Cognac aged for over 20 years in red Limousin oak casks and then in ‘old’ barrels, and is made from a series of eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne terroir. The family reach into over 150 years of savoir-faire to create a stunning spirit that arrives in an equally stylish presentation box and decanter, bottled at 40% ABV.

The Petite Champagne is celebrated for its ability to produce fine, lightly floral eaux-de-vie. The chalky soil and limestone subsoil are key in its unique geological makeup, along with a maritime climate. Ugni Blanc grapes that grow here enjoy optimal conditions in order to produce eaux-de-vie such as that of the XO Silver.

Crafted with care, the white wine from the Ugni Blanc grapes is distilled on the lees developing its flavor and full body. This is where the Cognac is given its floral character. It is then aged in French red oak casks, to then be moved to older casks to finish its maturation.

The Montifaud estate

The 48 hectares that belong to this smaller, artisanal Cognac house are highly desired by those of larger houses. They are a family distillery that prides themselves on living and breathing the art of Cognac at the meeting point between the two Champagne crus.

Presentation of the Montifaud XO Silver 70cl

Chateau de Montifaud XO Silver arrives in a stunning tin presentation box that is silver to match. The decanter is also equally stunning, with a silver stopper and an illustration of the family estate faded into the liquid.

How to enjoy

An XO Cognac should typically be enjoyed over ice or neat.

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Über Chateau de Montifaud

Owned by the family Vallet for six generations, Chateau de Montifaud Cognac boasts 125 hectares of vineyards that are located in both the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing regions. The house produces a large, high quality range of cognacs – including various vintages from years that have had an exceptional harvest. One family tradition that Cognac Chateau Montifaud is proud to follow, is that of when a new baby boy is born to the head of the cognac house, that part of the cognac created from that year’s harvest is set to one side. This is kept for a varying number of years, but may only be sold by future generations.

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