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Chabasse XO Cognac


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Chabasse Cognac
143 $
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Eye: Golden hue that develops into reddish flashes.

Nose: Subtle and woody, with aromas of Port in the bouquet that mingles with fruits such as prune.

Palate: An incredible finish in the mouth, thanks to its double distillation. Nutty flavors of hazelnut and walnut take center stage, followed by light floral notes of iris and hyacinth. The intense and long lasting flavor is wonderfully full bodied.


A Blend of Elite Cognac Terroirs: Chabasse Cognac XO

Not only is this Cognac valued by connoisseurs of this very fine spirit, it is also excellent value for money. The Chabasse XO Cognac is a wonderfully assembled blend of old Cognacs, and has been aged between 18 and 20 years. It contains eaux-de-vie grown in the prestigious Petite Champagne and Fins Bois crus, and certainly holds its own among the Cognac greats.

Matured in oak barrels for decades, the decanter is particularly eye catching, as with most Chabasse Cognacs. The light perfectly captures the glittering liquid within and its autumnal palette.

The XO Cognac from Chabasse has been distilled twice, and stored for a long time to give it complexity - the oxidation of the barrel over an extended period works wonders on this fine nectar.

It is a powerful Cognac, with total finesse and a subtle woody character. The refined taste blossoms into stunning fleshiness that will fill your mouth and delight the senses.

Presentation of the Chabasse XO Decanter

This unusual, wide and telescopic decanter is typical of Chabasse. With each of their Cognacs, the quality of the spirit is given a visual stage to glitter and glow. Witness the reddish glow of this Cognac catch the light on your mantelpiece. It arrives in a matching ruby red presentation box. 

Serving Suggestions

Share this Cognac with your close circle as a digestif.

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am  27 April 2018
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Very good value

I was given the Chabasse XO as a gift and I have to say, it is a great bang for your buck. It is a little hard on the nose for a premium cognac but the flavor and after flavor are both great for the price point. If you are looking for an lower priced premium (because hey we cant all afford $1500 a bottle cognac) cognac then this is definitely worth a try. If I am going to buy a cognac in this price point I would normally pay a bit more for Hennessy XO, but this is definitely on par, and very enjoyable, I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good extra old at a reasonable price (all thing considered, $200 + for cognac is reasonable)

Über Chabasse Cognac

In the depths of Saint-Jean d’Angely lies the historic 17th century cognac estate of Chabasse. This family run business today lies in the capable hands of Réné-Luc Chabasse, the ancestor of the founder of the family estate, Jean-Baptiste Chabasse. Chabasse Cognac is enjoyed around the globe, and today the house enjoys making the most of both the traditional and the contemporary – something that is portrayed in the striking shapes and designs of the bottles the cognacs are presented in.

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