Bowen XO Cognac


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Bowen Cognac
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Eye: Between dark amber and mahogany, like a burnt orange sunset.

Nose: Opulent bouquet of violet and iris - typical of the Borderies and Grande Champagne crus.

Palate: Hints of dry fruit, smooth and dry with preserved prunes, dried apricots. Floral flavors with spices that are both gentle and powerful, a subtle and full-bodied mouthfeel.


An Extra Old but Very Special Love Story: Bowen Cognac XO

Bowen Cognac is the love child of a romantic adventure. When the heir to several estates in the Cognac region left to establish businesses all over the French colonies, little did he know that he would meet the love of his life and the women who would eventually inspire the name of this legendary Cognac brand - Elisabeth Bowen. Bowen was a free spirit, passionate about nature and wildlife - it was this wonderful personality that was the catalyst to the first blend of this elegant Cognac that still bears her name to this day.

It could be said that Bowen XO Cognac is an elegant representation of this romantic relationship, a rendering in Cognac, an homage. Inspired by nature to create a beautiful blend of eaux-de-vie that have been harvested across the Borderies and Fine Champagne crus (like the estate's founder, these grapes have travelled far and wide before arriving in your snifter glass!). Aged for a minimum of ten years, this carefully crafted Cognac brings deep and rich flavors that both amplify and showcase the aromas produced by subsoils of both the Borderies and Fine Champagne crus.

How to Enjoy

If this love story has inspired you at all, you would choose to drink this Cognac neat or over ice with a loved one or cherished friends!

Presentation of the decanter

An elegantly-designed and wide decanter, creating the perfect frame to allow light to pass through the deep mahogany Cognac stored within, this burnt orange color offers a beautiful backdrop to the brand's name emblazoned on the top half of the decanter.

The bottom half of the bottle is beautifully wrapped in hand-stitched leather with the Bowen logo taking pride place in the center, a true hallmark of quality.

One could also say that this design, with its metal stopper and protective leather sleeve, is reminiscent of a high-end hip flask, a perfect accessory for traveling (something Bowen's founder would have surely taken with him across the four corners of the globe!)

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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

You can't always get what you want.

The aroma is not intense, spirituous, with floral notes.
The taste is dominated by dry tones of walnuts and hazelnuts, mandarins, peppers.

Über Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac has a romantic backstory, coming into being through a man’s love for a woman combined with all the excitement of travel and intrigue. Known as much for their miniature sized cognac bottles as the regular, Bowen produces a range of different qualities, including an interesting ‘Pale Cognac’ specifically produced to be mixed with tonic or savoured on the rocks.

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