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Paul Beau VSOP Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Paul Beau Cognac

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Eye: Soft and light amber hue.

Nose: Rich nose with sweet notes of brown sugar, fig, plum, baked apples and pears. Accompanied by a floral essence with subtle wine aromas of almonds and butter emerging.

Palate: Rich, yet light with well-defined flavours. Sweet, candied notes blend with toffee apples and honeysuckle. Medium to full, with a good length that harmonises depth and lightness beautifully.


  • Concours Général Agricole - Ministere de L'Agriculture - 2013 - Silver

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Paul Beau VSOP Cognac 

The Paul Beau VSOP Cognac embodies flavor and finesse to an exceptional standard for a VSOP. Truly a superlative from the boutique producer Paul Beau, it is perfectly balanced and incredibly complex. A product of the Grande Champagne region, its fine flavor beautifully represents the highly sought-after region it was produced from. Rich, yet refreshingly light it boasts versatility and exceptional value for money for a Cognac of such depth and complexity.

If you are yet to hear of the wondrous work of Paul Beau, then this Cognac stands as an exceptional introduction. Standing as a blender at the top of its game, practicing since the 19th century, this VSOP goes above and beyond its expected standard. Blended with a younger spirit to keep it fresh and lively, whilst teasing tradition with classic Cognac essence it offers a little something for all to enjoy.

Presentation of the bottle

A simple design contrasts the complexity of this Cognac. With a clean white label and traditional swirl serif type, it conveys minimalist excellence from the first glance. A gold top and an artistic presentation box finish the piece with the same finesse it enters with. An effortless introduction of the expertise to follow.

How to enjoy

As a VSOP, it is an excellent standard for any long drink, especially your favorite cocktail. Or, if you want to truly taste the fresh flavor, enjoy neat or on the rocks.

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am  11 May 2021
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

review for Paul Beau VSOP Cognac

A lovely cognac with pleasant notes of flavour. I would like to mention the excellent service

am   9 August 2018
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

"Bro...gotta try this."

Finished a really good meal at a new'ish French-inspired bistro in a new'ishly hip neighborhood in a somewhat-recently food-centric town, and had basically followed the bartender's recommendations all night.

When it came to dessert, he suggested this. Since I don't normally partake in cognacs, I wasn't hopeful...but he hadn't steered me wrong so far. "Bro" this is some good cognac, especially given the price range ($13/oz).

Nose was (sorry in advance, I am NOT a sommelier) 'Nilla wafer with caramel and banana...and that is not a slight.

Palate was sorta vanilla-cherry, sorta burnt oak. It definitely made me do a "well damn..."

Aftertaste was (don't judge, grumpy-ass snobs) ever-so-slightly overburnt s'more, which sent me reeling back to campfires and songs and damn I wish I hadn't gotten so old.

Value? Worth it, definitely. For me, as an "entry" level cognac, it was perfect. For connoisseurs? idea, you'll probably end up slagging me in the comments for my unrefined tongue. But for the random "bros" like me?

Excellent choice.

Über Paul Beau Cognac

With a history dating back to the 19th century, the house of Paul Beau Cognac boasts over 100 hectares of prime Grande Champagne vineyards. As with so many of the smaller family run concerns, Beau cognac started by selling all of their eaux-de-vie to the big cognac houses. However, after the business was handed down from the founder to his son, changes were put in place to commence selling some of their wares under their own label, and the brand ‘Paul Beau’ was born.

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