Naulin VSOP Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Naulin Cognac


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Colour: Golden yellow amber

Nose: A rich aromatic palette of floral notes (orange blossom), fruity notes (plum jam) and spicy notes (chocolate-liquorice)

Palate: The delicacy of a plum pie emerges to create a very harmonious and smooth finish.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Naulin VSOP Cognac

The Naulin VSOP Cognac is Grande Champagne Cognac celebrating just how wonderful and refined Cognacs of this region truly are. VSOP in quality, each eaux-de-vie within the blend has spent a minimum of 4 years maturing to perfection in Limousin oak barrels. This Cognac is designed to take the connoisseur on an unforgettable tasting experience that fills the senses with nothing but pure pleasure.

As a result of the dedication and integrity that the Boinaud family have put into Naulin Cognacs, the Cognac house are the proud owners of the largest family-operated winery in Cognac.

Offering a balance between tradition and modern appeal, Naulin gains its generosity, simplicity and aromatic profile from the meticulous work of each generation, responsible for distilling, maturing and blending the carefully selected eaux-de-vies. Beyond their success, they take pride in passing on invaluable expertise that the 24th generation continues to nurture and perpetuate - the true taste of tradition.

Presentation of the bottle

Naulin Cognac VS is presented in a super simple bottle design that lets the Cognacs beautiful golden amber colouring speak for itself. Place this bottle centre stage on the spirits shelf as it is a sure conversation starter and will be admired for its elegance alone.

How to Enjoy

Sip and savour Naulin Cognac VS as the harmonious notes of plum pie flow across the palette and offer a delicate and smooth finish. As Naulin VS Cognac boasts a rich aromatic bouquet of floral and fruity aromas that contrast against spicy notes of chocolate liquorice - we recommend pairing this Cognac with a tangy fruit tart or a rich chocolate dessert of your choice.

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