Fanny Fougerat Petite Cigüe VSOP Cognac

Fins Bois

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Fanny Fougerat Cognac

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Eye: Soft amber hue, with shades of depth.

Nose: Beautifully balanced with orchard fruits and zesty citrus elements. A strong aroma of green grape offers a refreshingly light introduction to a bold Cognac. 

Palate: Bold, fruity and tangy notes come together in harmony. Juicy tones are contrasted with a zesty citrus kick offering a surprisingly pleasant acidity.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Fanny Fougerat Petite Cigüe VSOP Cognac

Fruity, tangy and delightfully delicate, the Petite Cigüe from Fanny Fougerat is a refreshingly light Cognac, with a favorable acidic depth. Made using grapes from the Borderies and Fins Bois regions, it is a relatively young and fruity Cognac. Typically the type of Cognac to end up in a blend, Fanny Fougerat kindly saved its unique offering for us to enjoy in its full glory. Perfectly suited to a solo venture, or to be mixed in your favorite cocktail, it’s an exceptional Cognac for the price range.

If you've not yet been introduced to the delights of Fanny Fougerat Cognac, then this would be a great place to start. A new brand in the world of Cognac, this is a house that knows how to blend traditional techniques with a bold 21st-century essence. Slowly making its mark for producing unique Cognacs with an unforgettable flair, the unique capture of the Petite Cigüe is an excellent example of why this Cognac house is one to get to know.

Presentation of the bottle

Packed with an endearing simplicity, this understated display allows the Cognac to speak for itself. Housed in a traditional bottle complemented by bold sans and minimal serif fonts, it conveys its balance with history and contemporary creation effortlessly. Offering a clue to its contents, a bright, bold yellow type represents its tangy zest, whilst a fine flower illustration conveys its delicate aroma beautifully. A beautiful addition to a dining table.

How to enjoy

An exceptional Cognac to enjoy on its own, or pair with tonic, a slice of lemon and some grapes. Tangy and fruity, it also makes a memorable addition to your favorite cocktail.

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Über Fanny Fougerat Cognac

The house of Fanny Fougerat is named after its entrepreneurial creator, a young woman who comes from a long line of winemakers and distillers of Cognac. The brand only came into being a few years ago, with the first bottling of a Cognac to be sold under the Fanny Fougerat brand name being launched in November of 2013. However, the traditions and knowledge of this wine making family stretch back over four generations, during which time they sold their eaux-de-vie to the larger Cognac houses.

Fanny Fougerat Cognac is wonderfully 21st century, yet combined with the passion and knowledge of a truly traditional Cognac family. The resulting artisan products are fresh, vibrant, and of exceptional quality.

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