Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Cognac


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Courvoisier Cognac
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Eye: A deep, reddish orange.

Nose: Some spicy hints with the harmony of vanilla; characteristic for its growth area origin.

Palate: A smooth VSOP which unfolds as something quite floral and fruity in the mouth. It is long and mellow.


A Limited Edition Courvoisier VSOP aged for 12 years 

The Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif is an updated Cognac with a modern twist. It is the Limited Edition of the Courvoisier VSOP that is also recognized as an award winner across the Cognac circuit. This blend is very much in keeping with the Courvoisier mantra, who are constantly looking to bring their legendary brand further into the future. For that reason, it is particularly popular with mixologists who have been using it as a default for long drinks. As a Very Superior Old Pale Cognac, it has been aged for around 12 years. Matured over a longer period than the standard VS, it has been designed by its Cognac master, Patrice Pinet, to blend well with cocktails. The blend itself consists of eaux-de-vie from four of the finest terroirs in the region, including one from the especial Borderies region, and both the Grande and Petite Champagne terroirs. Both of the latter are considered to possess some of the finest in the region. It can only be described as a smooth operator.

Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Awards

This smooth Cognac has been hugely successful on the awards front; having cinched a number of them.

  • 2010 Gold at The Beverage Tasting Institute Competition
  • 2010 Gold Medal at the International Review of Spirits
  • 2009 Best Cognac & Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards
How to serve Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif

This Cognac is extremely versatile; it has been designed to go well with a variety of cocktails due to its rich flavor. Patrice Pinet, the Master Blender says that its balanced nature means that it can be enjoyed both neat, appreciated mixed with ice and water and also with long drinks. It is no stranger to a mixologist’s cabinet. The bottle it has certainly turned heads in terms of its vibrant red packaging; in a long tall bottle in keeping with its contemporary outreach.

Read more about the Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP on our blog. There are some tips from an official blender within the Cognac house on how to create his favourite Exclusif cocktail.

The Courvoisier Story

The Courvoisier Maison is one of the biggest players in the world of Cognac; having ventured from France as the Cognac of the Napoleonic wars, to later caught the attention of its loyalists in the US hip hop genre, it is a Cognac chameleon that is loved the world over. Discover more about the history of Courvoisier right here.

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am  26 October 2017
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Blind tasted: totally fine VSOP

I tasted this VSOP together with 7 other VSOPs and shared position #1 with with Hardy Organic VSOP.
I pretty much like the nose because it'S rather dry - the finish has a slight punch, but it sort of works within the balance of the blend.

Über Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier Cognac gehört zu den vier führenden Cognac-Produzenten der Welt - auch bekannt als die 'Big Four'. Die Legende besagt, dass Kaiser Napoléon selbst Courvoisier als seinen bevorzugten Cognac wählte, daher wird die Cognac Marke oft als "Der Cognac von Napoleon" bezeichnet. Das Unternehmen geht auf das Jahr 1828 zurück und hat seitdem seinen Sitz in der Stadt Jarnac. Mit prestigeträchtigen Flaschen wie Courvoisier Napoléon oder Josephine steht das Cognac-Haus an der Spitze des Luxus-Spirituosenmarktes. Auch der Courvoisier VS, VSOP und der Rosenlikör sind sehr beliebt. Das Getränk ist stark in der US-Hip-Hop-Kultur verwurzelt, Busta Rhymes und P Diddy widmen der Traditionsmarke den Song "Pass the Courvoisier".

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