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Chateau de Beaulon VSOP 7 Years Old Cognac


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Fins Bois

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Chateau de Beaulon Cognac

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Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


100% Folle Blanche grapes grown in the Fins Bois terroir

 The Chateau de Beaulon VSOP 7-Year-Old Cognac is a unique VSOP that, as the name suggests, has been aged for 7 years, 3 years more than the legal requirement for a blend of this age. This is a common choice for Beaulon, who also have a 12-year-old XO in their collection, clearly prioritising patience over profit, allowing the Cognac to reach optimum maturation for maximum quality. It is a single estate, Fins Bois cru Cognac, which eaux-de-vie distilled from the rare and lesser-used Folle Blanche grape variety.

As 98% of Cognac is produced using the Ugni Blanc grape, the Chateau de Beaulon 7-year-old VSOP is a rare find in the world of Cognac as one of the few VSOPs to be 100% Folle Blanche. For those drinkers unfamiliar with this particular variety, trying the Chateau de Beaulon 7-year-old VSOP is a perfect opportunity to discover its floral character, with notes of geranium and a delicate citrus aroma.

Being a single estate Cognac, each step of the creative process has been managed by CEO Christian Thomas and his team, from harvesting to distillation and bottling, ensuring quality control at every step of production.

The Chateau de Beaulon estate can be found in the Charentes area, 90 hectares of land located on limestone hillsides with a unique microclimate that offers optimum growing conditions. The estate grows 9 different grape varieties, chosen specifically for their ability to complement one another.

Since Christian Thomas took over in 1965, Chateau de Beaulon focuses on growing many rare and forgotten grape varieties, including the Folle Blanche and Colombard. The Maison uses a combination of ancestral expertise, modern technology and sustainable farming to produce some of the best Cognacs and Pineaux the region has to offer. The estate actually dates back to the 15th century when it was acquired by His Grace de Nesmond, King Louis XIV's advisor and the Beaulon heir.


  • Silver Medal - Mondial Brussels 2001
  • Silver Trophy - Olympiades Vinexpo 2001

How to Enjoy:

This VSOP can be enjoyed on the rocks as a refreshing aperitif or digestif, alternatively it can be mixed into a long drink with tonic water. Its particularly light and floral character make it the perfect accompaniment to a citrus-based dessert or sorbet.

Presentation of the Bottle:

Boasting a royal blue metal seal at its neck and a clean white label, the design is simple and timeless. Its classic shape means it will sit nicely amongst others in your collection, with its subtle gold details perfectly complementing the warm golden color of the VSOP housed inside.

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Über Chateau de Beaulon Cognac

The beautiful façade and setting of the Chateau de Beaulon Cognac estate is a fitting setting for producing fine cognac. The chateau itself dates back to the year 1480, with it entering into the hands of the Beaulon family in 1510. The family name remains the same to this day, although it is now run by the very capable Christian Thomas. Chateau de Beaulon Cognac has always been, and continues to be, created purely from the fruits of a single vineyard, and is recognized around the world as being a highly desirable, artisan produced cognac.

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