Bisquit Legende Cognac


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Bisquit Cognac
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Eye: Golden colour with flashes of orange.

Nose: Rich and intense, very fruity and with notes of plum, orange marmalade, mango, and blackberry. You will be enticed by notes of vanilla, crème brûlée and lightly toasted wood. All this is carefully melded with gentle notes of jasmine and honeysuckle.

Palate: A generous, rounded and mellow mouthful from the outset. It slowly reveals its complex structure and ample mouth from the artisanal distillation techniques. The flavors in the mouth are revealed and enhanced by the long aging process in oak barrels.


  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2018 - Silver - Outstanding - 86 - 89,9
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2016 - Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2017 - Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2016 - Silver


The Bisquit Legende Cognac

This is a high quality Cognac that is excellent value for money. The Bisquit Legende Cognac has been created by an elaborate savoir-faire of production from the vine to the bottle. Using artisanal methods and distillation techniques established by Alexandre Bisquit that have been in place since 1819, you are sure to enjoy the fruit of their delicate and crafted labor. In each and every drop of this precious nectar, you will experience the rich flavors. Blended by the maitre de chais, it is a rich Cognac with varying notes of fruit. By distilling the Cognac Bisquit Legende for a longer time period, it produces a round and generous Cognac with an aromatic bouquet and an explosion of wonderful flavors. The blenders at Cognac Bisquit pride themselves on understanding the importance of time, and this is derived from generations of heritage.

The Château de Lignères - home of Bisquit Cognac

Descending from the Château de Lignères in the Charente, this Cognac is a result of a wonderful philosophy - they strive for elegance, generosity and warmness in their Cognac. Their French roots run deep, with a Paradise cellar dating back to 1830.

How to enjoy Bisquit Legende Cognac

It arrives in a traditional and comforting bottle, with a crest, medallions and the signature of Alexandre Bisquit. Enjoy this Cognac in cocktails and on ice.

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Über Bisquit Cognac

Founded by Alexandre Bisquit in 1819, the house of Bisquit, with its home at the Château de Lignères by the banks of the Charente River, had a long-standing family tradition until the house was sold to Pernod Ricard in 1966. Said to have been among the favorite Cognacs of Winston Churchill and King George IV, it is popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries and hence was bought by the South African group Distell in 2009. Find Bisquit Cognac for sale and prices below.  

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