Richard Delisle VS Cognac


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Richard Delisle Cognac

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Eye: Beautiful clear amber

Nose: Notes of candied ginger, walnuts, pear, caramel, and prunes

Palate: Dry and spicy, with tones of nutmeg, cinnamon, gingerbread, and creme brûlée. 


  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2015 - Silver - Outstanding

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Richard Delisle VS Cognac

The Richard Delisle VS is a delicious young Cognac with a favorably dry and spicy essence. Blended from eaux-de-vie that has aged in a cask for over 2 years, in the family's traditional cellars bordering the River Charente. What the selection may lack in age, it more than makes up for in its multi-toned aromas and deep flavorings. A festive delight that you will want to enjoy all year round.

This selection is produced from a brand that, for many, is relatively unknown... for now. The expertise and brilliance of Richard Delisle won’t remain under wraps for long. Passed down over four generations, there has been plenty of time to perfect Cognac-making practices to an expert level. An excellent example of that, this VS is a superb display of what both this house and younger age eaux-de-vie has to offer.


IWSC 2015 - Silver medal, outstanding

Presentation of the bottle

Bold, yet understated, the simplicity of this display offers a delightful Cognac charm. A small label presents the house branding with effortless sophistication, with a bright VS stamp to compliment. Black, gold and red offer a royal essence that matches the orange hue of the Cognac beautifully. Finished in an eye-catching red box, it is certainly a showcase that demands to be put on display.

How to enjoy

A dry and spicy selection, it is a great choice to enjoy on the rocks or as a long drink with your favorite mixer. For those who enjoy the fire and exuberance of a young Cognac, then it's begging to be tasted neat.

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Über Richard Delisle Cognac

Spanning across seven generations of family history, Maison Richard Delisle has been passed on father to son over more than two centuries. Richard Delisle cultivates on around 72 hectares of land which are located within three different towns: Bourg-Charents of Petite Champagne, Julienne and Saint Brice of Fine Bois and produce 100% Ugni-blanc grapes. Today, Alexis Cabanne, the owner and the cellar master of the company, represents the fourth generation of the distillery. He developed the trading activity of spirits on the traditional market, and then created Hawkins Distribution in 1999 for exporting. Now, Cognac Richard Delisle is exported worldwide.

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