Remi Landier VS Special Pale Cognac


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Fins Bois

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Remi Landier Cognac

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Eye: Shimmering gold.

Nose: Expressing a dense, fruity and floral style. Orchard fruits blend into grapevines and wildflowers, bursting with sunshine.

Palate: Springtime blossoms give way to a creamy texture that quickly expands. Young, exuberant and rich, the finish continues the theme of sweetness until the end. 

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Remi Landier VS Special Pale Cognac: Blossoming Fins Bois

The Remi Landier VS Special Pale Cognac is the last product that was distilled by Jean-Yves Landier as Master Distiller of the house. Three years ago his daughter, Geraline, took over to carry on the family tradition, while her father continues to keep an eye on the business. As with all of their Cognacs, it's a product created solely from their family-owned vineyards. This stellar Fins Bois blend is presented at an ABV of 45%, making it powerful yet well-balanced. Thanks to a unique filtration process that takes place at room temperature, the master blenders at Landier have managed to preserve the distinct, singular character of the Fins Bois terroir. Unchilfiltered, uncolored, and with no sugar added, this is a pure expression of the region which produced it.

Realizing the uniqueness of their terroir and their eaux-de-vie, Remi Landier and his sons created their eponymous brand of Cognac in 1973. Most of the liquid produced here is sent to some of the largest trading houses in Cognac, which means only a small quantity is bottled under the family’s own label. For this reason, Remi Landier has long been appreciated among connoisseurs. Today, Jean-Yves and Geraldine, fourth and fifth generation of producers, offer a full range of Cognacs as well as Pineaux des Charentes.

Presentation of the Bottle

Tall and elegant, this is a bottle that stands out among the rest. The delicately designed label features images of grapevines and Cognac stills, a nod to the ‘field to bottle’ approach of this independent house. 

How to Enjoy Remi Landier VS Special Pale Cognac

This is a wonderfully versatile bottle to own; enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or combined with your favorite mixer for a refreshing long drink - perfect for a hot summer's day.

Über Remi Landier Cognac

A small, artisan house, Remi Landier Cognac produce a small range of  delightful quality cognacs, including some ultra-special creations that are perfect for special occasions.

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