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Chevalier VS Cognac


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Chevalier Cognac
20 $
exkl. Versand


Eye: A rich, deep orange tone.

Nose: Dry, fruity flavors, with elements of old leather and polished wood. The second nose releases notes of apricot and dark fruits, dried honeycomb and roasted chestnuts.

Palate: Prunes and plums with some ginger spice, finish of licorice and citrus.


  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2018 - Silver - 80 - 85,9
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2017 - Silver - 80 - 85,9
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2016 - Silver - Outstanding
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2015 - Silver - Outstanding
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2018 - Silver
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2014 - Silver - Outstanding
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2013 - Silver
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2019 - Silver - 90 points
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2017 - Gold
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2016 - Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2015 - Bronze


High Quality without the High Price Tag: Aldi’s Chevalier VS Cognac

Aldi has been making waves in the headlines of the British press with its award-winning own-brand spirits. Their Chevalier VS Cognac has won a host of awards, scooping the same prizes as bottles priced at over $200.

A lively and aromatic Cognac, with classic flavors, aged for a minimum of two years in France. This Cognac has won countless Silver awards thanks to its delightful dry, fruity flavors. Aged in classic oak casks just like its more established, higher-priced competitors, this Cognac releases some truly smooth and wonderful aromas.

The carefully selected eaux-de-vie produce a mellow and easy drinking experience, which has married marvelously with the woody tones produced by the minimum 2-year aging process of the Cognac.

The robust finish only affirms its superior quality, it’s no wonder it held up against some of the biggest names in the market when blind tested at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Chevalier VS Awards 

  • Silver Outstanding - IWSC 2016 
How to Serve

This Cognac is easy to drink yet has a fairly complex flavor profile given its relatively young age, enjoy neat or over ice.

Presentation of the Bottle

The bottle itself is a relatively traditional Cognac shape, with the royal blue design choice further enforcing its high degree of quality.

Its "Deluxe Blend” sticker and the blender's signature on both label and cap put this bottle's design on par with some of the most traditional estate's of the region. An elegant container for a surprisingly high-quality product - your friends won't know the difference!

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