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Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac


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Petite Champagne

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Renault Cognac

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Fruity nuances with hints of lightly toasted oak. An incredibly smooth, velvety Cognac

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac

The Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac is an exclusive limited-edition Cognac that has been aged for 26 years in total. The maturation process in humidity-controlled cellars, in fine-grained, lightly toasted oak has amplified the fruit flavours aromatic potential of this Cognac beautifully. Only 600 bottles of this expression have been created, meaning it's definitely one for the collector.

As its title suggests, this is a pure Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie from the harvest of 1989. Renault says that this was an exceptional year for the Cognac produced, and is a favorite of Renault's cellar master, David Croizet: "the Petite Champagne has remarkable finesse and this Cognac shows off the wonderful greatness of the terroir".

The Renault Cognac story dates all the way back to 1835 when Jean Antonin Renault, a 25-year-old Charentais businessman created the brand in the town of Cognac. He appreciated great quality Cognac and was the first to ship his Cognac in glass bottles to guarantee that it kept its delicate flavor and original taste. As a great voyager, he sold Cognac on his travels to Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Iceland, the Americas and Asia. Today the Renault Cognac is under new ownership and produces both Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne Cognacs.

Presentation of the bottle

The Cognac is presented in a stylish, contemporary bottle alongside a smart display box adorned with a gold-coloured plaque. For such a quality Cognac it represents excellent value for money and would make a wonderful gift for any Cognac connoisseur.

How to enjoy

A vintage Heritage Cognac like this one should be enjoyed completely on its own, without any distractions from its character, aroma and beauty of the vintage year. Therefore we recommend serving 1989 Cognac - neat at room temperature. Sip as a digestif after a long, pleasurable dinner with friends.

Über Renault Cognac

The house of Renault Cognac (sometimes referred to as Renault & Co Cognac) has a history that can be traced back to 1835. The house was founded by one Jean-Antonin Renault at the tender age of 25. Mr Renault came from a long line of Charentais merchants, and living in the centre of the town of Cognac it made sense that he moved into the production of eaux-de-vie.

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