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Mauxion Petite Champagne Lot 56 5cl Mini Cognac

Petite Champagne

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Mauxion Selection Cognac

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Antique gold with an enticing sheen.


The first nose is graced by delectable sweetness with notes of dry fruits and a distinct hint of orange. Warm cinnamon and gingerbread follow, accompanied by strong rancio - testifying a long maturation.


Powerful, with a fine balance of spice and fruits. The beautiful length in the mouth gives a superb sense of finesse.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Mauxion Petite Champagne Lot 56 5cl Mini Cognac

A delightful choice, crafted from eaux-de-vie derived from the very heart of the Cognac; Petite Champagne. Dating to the mid-50s, the Mauxion Petite Champagne Lot 56 is the product of a single harvest, making it a wonderful snapshot into the past. In order to preserve its most delicate aromas, it has not been chill-filtered and is presented at a generous cask strength of 45%. A swift taste of enriched Cognac, that perfectly satisfies the palate of every Cognac lover.

Bought to life by a Cognac house, boasting a family affair that has been passed down for thirteen generations, there is warmth and comfort in the history of every Mauxion creation. Offering a brief, yet embodied experience of both this tradition and expertise, the Mauxion Petite Champagne Lot is an excellent choice for a gift, treat or celebration.

Presentation of the bottle

Beautifully representing the heart that this Cognac blend originates from, the bottle is placed in a warming red velvet box that is delightfully enticing. Found in a short decanter, with a large cork lid and familiar Mauxion branding it's a traditional, yet classy take on a Cognac.

How to enjoy

To fully experience the heart of the Cognac region, this is a beverage best enjoyed on its own to allow the eaux-de-vie to be embodied and every last drop to be tastefully savoured. For a longer drink, mix with soda to enhance the enjoyment of the fine Cognac.

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Über Mauxion Selection Cognac

The origin of the Mauxion family dates back to 1575 when Pierre Mauxion was born in the village of Houlette. Today the estate is still home to the Mauxion family after thirteen generations. Antoine Mauxion was the first of the family to produce eaux-de-vie, back in 1743, and since then ten generations have followed in his footsteps. Today the house of Mauxion Selection continues to embrace original traditions with regards to caring for the vineyard and producing high class, quality eaux-de-vie.

Uniquely, Mauxion Selection offers a range of single cru expressions, available a range of sizes. All of the Cognac produced by Mauxion Selection originate from the prestigious terroirs of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. To preserve the flavor of their eaux-de-vie, Mauxion Selection Cognac is bottled at cask strength without any blending or reduction; allowing the eaux-de-vie to develop with exceptional complexity and depth. Whilst the attentive selection process may mean that quantity is limited, it ensures a Cognac of unrivalled quality, every time.

Visit Mauxion Sélection Cognac: The House of Mauxion Selection would be delighted to welcome you in a discovery of their vineyards and in tasting their products. Be sure to contact them directly to arrange a time in advance of your arrival.

Email: atm@vignoblesmauxion.com

Phone: +33 5 45 80 87 66

Website: mauxion

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