Lheraud Vintage 1992 Bons Bois Cognac


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Bons Bois

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Lheraud Cognac

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Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Bons Bois

Bons Bois

Bons Bois


Lheraud Vintage 1992 Bons Bois Cognac

Lheraud Vintage 1992 Bons Bois Cognac is an outstanding quality Cognac of nearly 30 years of age. A unique vintage offering made up exclusively of eaux-de-vie selected from the Bons Bois region of Cognac.

From as early as 1860, the house of Lheraud has forged a unique identity rooted in its estate's land where passion grows and discretion is preserved. Today, the family harness the Lheuraud signature style, which cherishes the past to shine in the present.

Inside the Lasdoux estate in the village of Angeac, the family's soul resides in the centuries-old home. Built from pale gold stone from the region, the five cellars of the estate allow for natural maturation, which ensures that the Cognacs, Armagnacs and Pineaux produced by Lheraud can retain their unrivalled aromatics and flavors.

Presentation of the bottle

Dressed head to toe in black, the Lheraud vintage Cognac bottle design is as majestic as the delicious nectar Cognac inside. Somewhat Gothic in appearance, the bottle's neck features delicate golden foliage in the form of a cross secured by a wax seal. The front of the bottle reveals embossed glass, which gives the design an added touch of authentic character. However, best of all is the classic style calligraphed label work, which details the product information in a swirly font hand-written by Andrée Lhéraud. Inherited from her grandfather, Andree has an innate gift for the decorative arts, and so the labels, wooden boxes, hand-blown glass bottles and wax seals bear her signature - and make each bottle a rare and elegant piece.

How to enjoy

The house of Lheuraud created its own Cognac tasting glass in collaboration with sommelier Markus del Monego, a longtime family friend who shares the brand’s values of producing quality products of utmost perfection. With a passion for vintage Cognac, it seems only natural to enjoy the Lheraud vintage Cognac range from its glassware too. However, any tulip glass you may have is sure to serve you well when enjoying such a well-matured offering. Let the Cognac breathe in the glass for a few moments before embarking on the tasting. We recommend savoring it neat at room temperature to experience its flavors as the aromas evolve and develop with each sip.

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Über Lheraud Cognac

The family Lheraud have been involved in winemaking and cognac production for hundreds of years, but it was only in 1970 that exportation and promotion really began in earnest. Now producing not only cognac, but Pineau des Charentes and Armagnac as well, Lheraud exports its wares worldwide – and continues to expand into more countries on a yearly basis. Today’s owners – Andrée and Guy Lheraud – concentrate on producing Cognac Lheraud strictly on a traditional basis, and continue to work tirelessly to introduce their products to more countries and communities throughout the world.

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