Grosperrin Vintage 1992 Bons Bois Cognac


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Bons Bois

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Grosperrin Cognac

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Eye: Golden dress.

Nose: Sweet aromas of rum, currants, and orange peel. It is necessary to let the glass to breathe to perceive more vegetal notes such as grape and clove.

Palate: A breath of salty air that that will make your mouth water. Power is contained in the attack. Thanks to a very slow reduction, the mouth slowly becomes oily. The woodiness is balanced, and there is a delicate dryness to the finish due to recent water reduction.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Bons Bois

Bons Bois

Bons Bois


A delicate Bons Bois Vintage Cognac from 1992

Another important counterpart to Jean Grosperrin’s historic Cognac de Collection is the Grosperrin Bons Bois Vintage 1992 Cognac. This vintage Cognac comes from a fruit farm located in Saintonge, and like all of the other Grosperrin Cognacs, it has been inherited from a series of interesting producers around the region. This is a delicate and very accessible Cognac.

Beginning with just 10 hectares of an apple orchard in 1971, this farm now has around 100 hectares of fruit tree - and just a few of vine.

The Bons Bois terroir is made of clay and loam, and is not particularly known for producing great vines. However, if the vine is grown well, the Cognac is distilled well and aged for long enough, the Cognac is balanced and has great power.This Millésime Cognac is a unique expression of the 1992 harvest in the Bons Bois region. It has been aged for almost 30 years.


Bottled at 51.8% ABV, the decanter is slim with a wooden stopper. Grosperrin never adds sugar or caramel coloring to their Cognacs. It arrives in a simple ash colored wooden box.

How to enjoy

Enjoy this Cognac neat, and witness as history unfolds, tantalizing your senses.

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Über Grosperrin Cognac

The independent Cognac house of Grosperrin is a relatively new one in the region, having only been established in 1999 by its founder, Jean Grosperrin. Grosperrin is based in Saintes which sits between the terroirs of Fins Bois and Borderies and it is today run by Jean’s son, Guilhelm, who took over in 2004 at just 23 years old.

Guilhelm’s mission is to discover producers all across the region in order to create truly unique Cognacs from the six crus. This vision was made possible by the fantastic relationships Jean Grosperrin built with producers, and that Guilhelm has since built on and expanded. Today, Grosperrin works with over 150 Cognac producers, from which Guilhelm will meticulously select barrels to craft into exquisite end bottles.

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