Deau Vintage 2002 Grande Champagne Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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DEAU Cognac

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Eye: Lovely, bright gold.

Nose: An opulent bouquet featuring a beautiful basket of candied orange and mandarin peel mixed with chocolate-coated raisins.

Palate: The taste is lively with just a hint of bitterness like the fresh zest of grapefruit skin or the elegance of dark chocolate. Further on, there are notes of juicy black cherries and fresh figs with hints of cardamom. 

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


N.B. These products can be shipped together with all other products from Cognac Moisans, Deau, and Roland Bru.

Deau Vintage 2002 Grande Champagne Cognac: Premier Cru Opulence

Slinky and moreish, this single vintage oozes character and elegance. The Deau Vintage 2002 Grande Champagne Cognac is the product of a single Premier Cru harvest, showing all the exceptional aromas and tasting characteristics you expect from this region. Aged for nearly two decades, it carries every year with pride, aided by a slow maturation process by the Charente river. To show you its full potential, this limited edition has been aged and bottled with nothing added or taken away.

The Deau family history is rooted in the land and its vines, intertwined with the history of Cognac itself. Double distillation was invented in the 17th century, giving Cognac its unique and excellent qualities. The name of the winemaker Louis Deau appears in the archives during this same period, born in Saintonge in 1665. From generation to generation, the descendants of Louis Deau have cultivated the vines with passion, making the best wines used to create great eaux-de-vie.

As the House of Deau Cognac owns and operates its own vineyard, the family can control the quality from grape selection to vinification. Currently in the hands of the fourth generation, the company oversees the entire production process, from vine to bottle. Their rare and prestigious vintage Cognacs are aged for years - or generations - in Limousin oak barrels carefully chosen for their fine grain. These casks are allowed to rest in cellars near the Charente, nourished by humid air that ensures a slow aging process, creating Cognacs with roundness and finesse.

Presentation of the Bottle

With such astounding attention to detail, you can’t help but fall in the love with the bottle. The handmade glass is full of minuscule air bubbles that refract the light and makes the Cognac shimmer, while the deep rad wax and classic label perfectly embody the vintage character of Deau Cognac. A navy blue ribbon around the neck adds just another classic touch. The simple wooden presentation box makes this a perfect gift for anyone with a 2002 anniversary or memorable occasion.  

How to Enjoy Deau Vintage 2002 Grande Champagne Cognac

The complex tasting notes of this Cognac are best showcased in a tulip glass. After pouring, allow the liquor to breathe for 30 seconds to fully concentrate the delicate aromas before you take a sip. An excellent digestif or accompaniment to a cheeseboard. 

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Über DEAU Cognac

Das Haus von Deau blickt auf eine Geschichte zurück, die im 17. Jahrhundert begann. Anfangs destillierte die Marke ihre Eaux-de-vie für andere Cognac Häuser. Seit einigen Jahren stellt DEAU unter seinem eigenen Namen Cognacs her. Die Marke hält an ihren Familientraditionen fest, bringt aber auch ihren ganz persönlichen Stil mit. Alle von DEAUs Cognacs bestechen mit einer außergewöhnlichen Eleganz. Sie eignen sich perfekt für Cognac Liebhaber mit einer besonderen Schwäche für schöne Flaschen.

Besuchen Sie DEAU: Les Moisans, 16440 Sireul, +33 (0)545905545, für Besuche im Anwesen und im Museum sollten Sie sich direkt an DEAU wenden, um Informationen über die Öffnungszeiten zu bekommen. Andere Produkte von DEAU: Pineau des Charentes

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