Comandon Petite Champagne Vintage 2007 Cognac


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Petite Champagne

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Comandon Cognac

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Eye: Golden amber.

Nose: A malted beer melting into a green apple tang, with spicy notes of peach and ginger.

Palate: Stone fruits that have been candied such as apricot and peach, syrupy and medium bodied. Lightly toasted breads. The finish is long and oak-like, like a good Petite Champagne. Wood spices and waxy textures.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Comandon Vintage Cognac 2007

The single cask collection from Comandon illustrates their ability to innovate and set trends. The Comandon Vintage Single Cask 2007 from the Petite Champagne is no exception. Starting in 2010, Comandon decided to go against the grain of conventional Cognac production, by producing single ‘expressions’ of different years and Cognac crus in the region. While this Cognac does not seek its success in a mastery of blending techniques, it shows an incredible savoir-faire and an ability to remain in tune with the turn of the seasons and the personality of different harvests year in, year out. This Comandon Petite Champagne single cask from 2007 was selected for its stone fruit character, and soft yet complex oak flavors. Only 600 bottles have been produced from this yield, so once it’s drunk that’s it.

Comandon and the Petite Champagne terroir

Despite its name, the Petite Champagne is twice the size of its prestigious Fine Champagne counterpart. It is largely characterized by the high content of chalk in its soil, and its maritime climate. The white soil is largely seen to be the reason why this Cognac cru is so famous; it makes for fine and high quality Cognacs with a floral quality. Millions of years ago, during the Santonian period, many seashells and fossils were deposited by the Atlantic seabed on to this part of the coastline, and were compacted into limestone and the soil that is there today, and is the reason why this 2007 Single Cask Comandon Cognac is so special.

The ‘single cask’ Vintage concept is incredibly respectful of nature and letting things be. Comandon believe that it is unrealistic to try and routinely create exactly the same blends every year. Instead, each batch is entirely unique, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. In this sense, it is more like a high quality wine. The Master Cognac Makers at Comandon, Patrick and Franck Vigneron, hand select the finest of eaux-de-vie from less than 1% of casks that they analyze. It is a wholly scrupulous and expert selection process.

How to enjoy Comandon Petite Champagne 2007 Cognac

Enjoy an exclusive Vintage like this one neat.

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Über Comandon Cognac

Comandon is an independent Cognac house that continue to control all of their production in-house. Their philosophy lies in uniting traditional elegance and two centuries of savoir-faire with modernity and pushing the boundaries, which can be seen in their bespoke branding campaigns and unique internet presence. Think La Dolce Vita meets Armani.

With an extremely forward-thinking marketing agenda and a particularly hands-on approach when it comes to the music and entertainment industry, Comandon have carved themselves an interesting space for a niche approach to the Cognac business.

They do an exceptional job of producing small, artisanal batches that offer rare and limited glimpses into one particular terroir, or one exceptional harvest, whether the eaux-de-vie are younger or older. For this reason, they defy tradition in the Cognac world, who believe that “older is better” and producing the same Cognac year in, year out is the end objective. Comandon instead work in tandem with nature, initiating unique collaborations for their single cask collection, and never fearing experimentation.

With a history dating back around 200 years, the Cognac house continue to produce excellent Cognac and receive top-notch awards.

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