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Artonic Lot Of Four Tonic Water

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Organic Tonic Crafted in Cognac: A Selection of Artonic Variegated Tonic Water

The Artonic adventure began in September 2019 with a collaboration between a cellar master and an artist, the ARTONIC range of premium mixers has been carefully crafted in the Cognac region, designed to embellish and elaborate the taste profiles of high-end spirits in sophisticated and refined cocktail creations.

Using the tradition and expert knowledge of Cognac, the experts at Artonic have managed to create premium mixers that both pay homage to and is inspired by the rich history of the region.

In recent years, gin has become a growing trend in bars and restaurants across the western world, with gin bars opening up across the UK and US, seeking the perfect blend of botanicals, expertly matched with a flavorsome tonic and garnish that both complements and enhances the drinking experience.

This particular pairing has become something of an art form amongst mixologists, who are striving to create quite simply, the perfect G&T. The certified organic tonics and sodas by Artonic combine the pure natural elements of Gensac spring water with an elegant blend of naturally-sourced quinine, fruit and herbal aromas.

This selection contains a variety of flavors, including classic Indian tonic water, Cucumber, Lemon Lavender and Lemongrass.

How to Enjoy

When pairing your selected tonic water with a gin, try to choose a dry, crisp gin that contains either complementing or contrasting botanicals, in order to fully amplify the flavors and create an intense drinking experience.

Always serve your G&T with plenty of ice and, of course, a garnish.

Possible garnishes include: grapefruit, lemon, lime, coconut, pink peppercorns, lemongrass, cucumber, or mint leaves. Mix and match to find your perfect pairing!

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