Pasquinet Ambre Noir Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Pasquinet Cognac


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Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Black Magic in a Bottle with Pasquinet’s Ambre Noir Cognac

Light and dark form a mesmerizing marriage in this delectable Cognac from Pasquinet. A Special Cognac blend, it defies categorization, inviting the Cognac connoisseur to experience the spirit in a different way. Pasquinet’s cellar master has blended a range of old eaux de vie with younger varieties, achieving an unexpected fusion of tradition and freshness, classic sophistication and modern vigor.

Pasquinet Cognac is a brand that represents strength and revival. It was established in 1945 by the children of Jean Ricard following a period of hardship. Jean Ricard was an entrepreneur who established himself in the Cognac region by investing in a small estate in Juillac Le Coq, the ‘Domaine Du Foucaudat,’ situated right in the heart of the Grande Champagne cru. Today, the Pasquinet Cognac vineyard comes in at 13,200 hectares, and the spirit of the brand is being faithfully upheld by Nicolas and Patrick. With international experience and endless creativity, they are a truly formidable force.

On the nose, expect elegance and finesse. A unique, woody character emerges quickly via notes of oak and cocoa, punctuated by subtle floral notes of iris. On the palate, it is at once ample and mellow, with a wide range of flavors lining up on center stage. Woody and spicy flavors find harmony alongside each other, while notes of fig and morello cherry form the powerful finish. This finale is long and silky, the perfect combination to ensure the Cognac stays in the hearts and minds of aficionados long after their final sip.

Pasquinet Ambre Noir Cognac is shrouded in mystery, right down to its packaging. An eye-catching black color theme dominates both bottle and box, with not a drop of the Cognac visible until opened (though once in the glass, its rich amber color is revealed. This makes the unveiling all the more exciting– it is a true invitation to dive into the unknown.

This exciting fusion from Pasquinet is recommended both neat and as a base for cocktails, such as the famous Sidecar cocktail. Its multifaceted character affords it the potential to surprise alongside other flavors, though its classic Cognac core ensures it can still be savored straight.

Pasquinet Ambre Noir Cognac is ultimately full of surprising sensations, curious combinations, and a touch of mysterious magic.

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