Grosperrin N°89 Bois Ordinaire Cognac

Bois Ordinaires

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Grosperrin Cognac

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Light, straw-colored hue.


Delicate, floral, fresh and airy. Light hints of citrus linger in the background.


Slightly rough, since the wood has not been fully assimilated. Whilst it embodies the essence of youth, it has a strong sense of delicacy. A slightly sweet trace of vanilla lingers on the finish.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Bois Ordinaires

Bois Ordinaires

Bois Ordinaires


Grosperrin N°89 Bois Ordinaire Cognac 

Grosperrin N°89 Bois Ordinaire Cognac is the only one of the Millesime range that's been blended. A combination of two cognacs from the terroir of Bois Ordinaire, it is composed of a beautifully balanced blend. The first Cognac offers both smoothness and sweetness due to the fact it was aged and stored close to a river. The second offers a wonderful balance thanks to ageing and storage taking place in a very dry cellar. A blend that embodies harmony spectacularly.

Its expert blending process can be attributed to its origins from a house that boasts a dedication to the selection and lélevage of old Cognac’s. Thanks to the objective of producing Cognac’s with an exceptional heritage, each creation is blended and stored with the finest elegance. N°89 Bois Ordinaire is a sophisticated showcase of all that this fine artisan house embodies.

Presentation of the bottle

Showcasing expertise from the first glance, the effortless simplicity of this bottle embodies its heritage with ease. A clean white label using swirl type and cork lid with wooden top both offer compliments to history effortlessly. Placed in a presentation carton its brilliance is evident from start to finish.

How to enjoy

Thanks to its age and blend, this Cognac is best enjoyed on its own. Carve out time to linger and fully enjoy the exceptional tasting experience it provides.

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am  26 October 2017
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Not a Bon Bois but a great champagne.

I can not judge the Bon Bois that I ordered because they send me a Petite Champagne Grosperrin instead. No problem, we all make mistakes and it was rightfully corrected by Cognac Expert. But I must say that I love this Petite Champagne. A nose that I didn't discover the correct word for but that keeps surprising me. Very recommendable.

Über Grosperrin Cognac

This relatively new, independent cognac house was created in 1992 and the brand named after its founder. 

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