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Twezo Barbados Rum

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Nose: Bourbon vanilla and brioches

Mouth: Supple with hints of vanilla and nuts. 


Twezo Barbados Rum

Selected by the Cognac house Maxime Trijol, Twezo Barbados Rum is part of a range of rums that have benefited from exceptional sugar cane harvesting and are cut at maturity. Twezo Barbados Rum stands loud and proud with its stunning amber hue with golden reflections colouring. Meanwhile, on the nose aromas of brioche and bourbon vanilla will transport you on a sweet and tropical voyage to the Barbados sunshine. On the palate it reveals supple notes of vanilla sugar as well as nuts which melt in the mouth and allow a spectacularly soft finish.

Presentation of the bottle

Twezo Barbados arrives in a traditional style rum decanter that presents a round and curvaceous shape. The labelling inflicts a vintage vibe to the design work as the background of the label embodies an old pirates treasure map and golden compass. The stunning amber colouring of the rum, reflects golden reflections as it catches the light and draws the eye closer. A magnificent must-try for rum enthusiasts and for those looking to indulge into the realms of rum produced in Barbados.

How to enjoy

Barbados rum is best enjoyed as part of a delicious cocktail that will have your taste-buds dancing, whilst the rest of your senses get lost somewhere in the Carribean sunshine. We recommend making a Barbados Rum Punch. Make this by adding, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, bitters and nutmeg to a couple of ounces of Twezo Barbados Rum - delicious!

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