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Pierre Ferrand Plantation Rum Jamaica 2005

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Eye: Vibrant and traditional, a classic amber rum color.

Nose: Intense and complex, fresh fruit like banana and plum are enhanced by woody notes (thanks to the two-stage aging process). Raisin notes surface from the gentle distillation process.

Palate: Strong and dry, slightly minty with contrasting roasted notes of coffee, grilled almonds and the sweet balance of molasses.


Jamaican Tradition: The 2005 Plantation Rum from Pierre Ferrand

A rustic and intense experience. This 2005 Plantation rum uses ancestral production processes that have been implemented in Jamaica since the 1700s. Quite simply, it is a true homage to traditional rum-making thanks to its long fermentation process and its distillation that takes place in two legendary spots, Long Pond and Clarendon.

Produced using molasses rather than traditional “cane wine”, this typical Jamaican process offers a depth of flavor that is rarely seen amongst modern agricultural rums that are popular today. This 2005 vintage is classified as a “Great Aroma” rum, thanks to its almost three-week fermentation process and its primary ingredient being molasses, a by-product of sugar production.

Because of the country’s hot and humid climate, the rum has been aged for 10 years in Jamaica in American oak Bourbon barrels, before being transferred to European soil to age for a further 1-2 years in Ferrand Cognac casks. If left for too long in the Caribbean, the Angels’ share becomes too large, so aging a rum for this long is a particularly difficult task and is rarely left for such a long time. Transferring the rum to age in Ferrand casks not only protects the resulting volume of alcohol produced, but also adds a particularly smoky character and creates alternative flavor profiles within the rum itself.

The rum itself is a beautiful balance of fresh and woody flavors. Fresh fruity aromas of banana and plum are enhanced by the oaky and smoky notes produced by the two-step aging process. The tropical notes make a particular impact on the second nose, with roasted notes of coffee and raisin thanks to the gentle distillation process.

On the palate the rum is heady and dry, slightly minty with contrasting notes of roasted coffee and grilled almonds. The sweet balance of molasses rounds off the sipping experience making it a delectable digestif to be drank on a warm summer’s evening with friends.


  • 2019 - The Rum and Cachaça Master
  • GOLD 2019 - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 91 POINTS (Excellent - Highly Recommended)
How to Serve

This wonderful 2005 Plantation rum can be enjoyed neat or over ice on a warm summer evening, or equally enhanced when shaken into a daiquiri, with a classic, clean flavor balanced out by the citrus tang and sweet kick of fresh lime juice and refined sugar.

Equally, try a Ti Punch with a twist to really enhance the rich flavors produced by the molasses: Pour 1.5 fl oz of Plantation Jamaica Rum 2005 into a rocks glass.

Squeeze 4 slices of lime (1 whole lime) into the rum, rim the glass with some of the lime juice, leave the lime wedges in the glass.

Pour 1 fl. oz of home-made muscovado sugar syrup into the glass and stir.

Add a few ice cubes (optional). Enjoy!

Presentation of the Bottle

A celebration of Jamaica and the traditional techniques that have gone into the rum's production. The two barrels on the label’s design are a cheeky nod to the two-step aging process that gives the rum its complex depth of flavors.

The symbol embossed onto the bottle itself is a reference to Port Royal in Jamaica, the main fishing and trading port. There is no doubt this classically Caribbean bottle will be a great addition to any drinks cabinet or bar shelf.

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