Pierre Ferrand Plantation Rum 20th Anniversary

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Eye: A deep caramel color.

Nose: Floral and fruit, with notes of vanilla, cocoa and milk.

Palate: Fresh and fruity, with notes of fresh mango and ripe banana, followed by a sweet hit of chocolate and vanilla. A remarkably long finish.


A Celebration of Rum: Pierre Ferrand’s 20th Anniversary XO Plantation Rum

To celebrate 20 years of savoir-faire and the expertise of Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, Ferrand have created an XO of excellence. Legend has it that the first example of rum’s distillation was in 1651 on the beautiful island of Barbados, this particular XO takes this tradition and runs with it, ageing for 8-15 years in this tropical paradise.

Produced using molasses rather than traditional “cane wine”, this traditional distilling process offers a depth of flavor that is rarely seen amongst modern agricultural rums that are popular today.

This particular Bajan beauty was distilled many years ago using both pot and column still distillation at Gregg’s Farm. Its vibrant personality is thanks to the 8-15 years it has spent aging in Barbados, before spending between 2 and 10 years on French soil. If left for too long in the Caribbean, the Angels’ share becomes too large, so aging a rum for this long is a particularly difficult task and is rarely left for such a long time.

Transferring the rum to age in Ferrand casks in France not only protects the resulting volume of alcohol produced, but also adds a particularly woody character and creates alternative flavor profiles within the rum itself.

This double aging process brings a particular complexity and smoothness to the rum, which is rarely seen in its traditional Caribbean counterparts. Before being placed to age in Barbados, the particular rums are chosen for their aromatic flavors, which intensify particularly well when left to mature in oak casks.

After this lengthy process, the rum is then sent over to the continent and is aged for a further 2-10 years, using a blend of XO rums and finished in various casks, from new white oak, to Bourbon casks and traditional Ferrand Cognac casks, each barrel bringing its own particular level of toasted flavors. 


  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018, 91 Points Excellent
  • HIghly Recommended, US World Spirits Award 2017
  • Gold Medal, Austria RumXP Miami 2016
  • Gold Medal Best in Class, US
How to Serve

Particularly suited for an extra special celebratory occasion, this Extra Old rum should be enjoyed neat with friends.

Presentation of the Bottle

A stunning display of craftsmanship with the bottle's design is the perfect way to pay homage to the 20 years of hard work of Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel. The elegant wooden stopper is a true tribute to the long period of time spent in oak casks both in the Caribbean and in Europe. A beautiful bottle that can be proudly placed on any drinks shelf or bar.

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