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Cognac Expert Podcast

The Cognac Expert Podcast

The reason that Cognac is such a special spirit, is that the knowledge, expertise and flair that goes into crafting it has been passed down through many generations, it is constantly evolving but always maintains its core traditions. 

The history and passion that goes into Cognac means that we could talk about it all day…and so that’s what we have decided to do!

Our Cognac Expert Podcast is released several times a year and each episode features one of our team in conversation with a different Cognac producer, discussing all things….you guessed it, Cognac. 

From the vineyards, to blending, to aging, and much more, we will be delving into all of the finer details that go into producing eaux-de-vie. So grab a glass of the good stuff and get yourself comfy as we explore how tips and techniques differ between producers and find out the stories behind some of our favorite Cognac Houses.

Cognac Expert Podcast

A Complete Cognac Masterclass with Guilhem Grosperrin

#2 Interview

Cognac Expert Podcast
Cognac Expert Podcast

The Giboins in Borderies: Next Family Generation

#1 Interview

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