Domaine du Chêne Colombard Pink Pineau

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Domaine du Chêne

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Eye: This pink pineau has an aged orange-pink color with grapefruit highlights.

Nose: The nose opens shyly on fruity and floral notes. Aeration promotes the expression of fruity elements, like a compote of red fruits, dotted with dried rose petals with subtly woody touches.

Palate: The mouth is round and greedy. It is marked by the jammy appearance of the red fruits, leaving a sweet perfume of grenadine in the mouth. It is complete with a hint of old roses and woody touches. The finish is fresh, gourmet and airy.


Domaine du Chêne Colombard Pink Pineau

A light and bright rosé, with a fresh gourmet finish, the Domaine du Chêne Colombard Pink Pineau is full of fruity fun. With hints of old roses and woody touches, it’s a sublime choice for those that enjoy the sweeter selections. Produced from clay-limestone and sandy soils, it’s a rich creation to appreciate. A wonderful example of what a pink Pineau can offer.

Produced from a house that offers contemporary Cognacs, with a modern-day flair, this selection is a brilliant example of all that the Domaine du Chêne estate has to offer. Dating back to 1865, the house knows what it takes to produce excellent drinks for all to enjoy. Boasting harmony between traditional and contemporary efforts, it's a house that is rooted in quality and authenticity. An ethos that is evident in its unique expressions of timeless classics.

Presentation of the bottle

The dress of this Cognac compliments the wonderful rose hues of the liquid perfectly. A clean white label invites the color to pop, whilst creating simplistic sophistication. The rouge top alludes to the pink nature of the pineau and offers a taste of what awaits. A wonderful selection to proudly display.

How to enjoy

In order to fully appreciate the aromatic potential and delicacy of pineau rosé, it is strongly recommended to consume it quickly after opening. Pair with creamy white chocolate, litchi-raspberry heart or rose sorbet for a true taste sensation.

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Über Domaine du Chêne

Located at the heart of the Romanesque Saintonge province is Domaine du Chêne, which has remained a family estate for several generations since Jean-Baptiste Doussoux bought his first still in 1865.

The vineyard now covers 80 hectares growing several different grapes, including rare and old varieties like the Folle Blanche, among other classic varieties such as the Ugni Blanc.

The vineyards themselves are over 80 years old and today produce a range of bespoke products including their "Domaine du Chêne" range and Cognac "Jean Doussoux".

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