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Château de Beaulon Pineau Vintage 2000 Cognac

Art des Pineaus
White Blanc Pineau
Very Old Tres Vieux Pineau

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Fins Bois

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Chateau de Beaulon Cognac
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Tasting notes by Chateau de Bealon:

Eye: Sumptuous copper gold robe.

Nose: Vanilla-wood, exotic, toffee notes, mild cinnamon, fresh almond, pale wood on acacia honey base.

Palate - very complex, peaches in rich syrup, almond.  Long satisfying finish.


The Chateau de Bealon Pineau Vintage 2000 is a superb example of how great a Pineau des Charentes can be.  The harvest of 2000 was of such quality that it warranted being set to one side as a future vintage.  After a year aging in new barrels, the liquid was then transferred to Sauternes barrels (previously housing a 2000 Sauterne), and left peacefully for time to work its magic.
Today this miracle can now be enjoyed in the form of a wonderfully aromatic and flavorsome Pineau.  This blend of eaux-de-vie and grape must is, according to its creators, best enjoyed chilled - and is a wonderful accompaniment to a fine dessert.  Or perhaps enjoy as a refreshing tipple on a summer's evening - no better way to watch the sun go down.  Whichever way you choose to drink it is fine - and it's a wonderfully different way to enjoy what we like to refer to as 'the little brother of Cognac'.

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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Sweet wine

The taste is reminiscent of dessert Ice wine, Port wine, and Madeira fortified wine

Nose: burnt, sweet cotton candy
Palate: oakiness, mild spice, white raisins
Aftertaste: lingering sweet citrus in the back of the tongue

Über Chateau de Beaulon Cognac

The beautiful façade and setting of the Chateau de Beaulon Cognac estate is a fitting setting for producing fine cognac. The chateau itself dates back to the year 1480, with it entering into the hands of the Beaulon family in 1510. The family name remains the same to this day, although it is now run by the very capable Christian Thomas. Chateau de Beaulon Cognac has always been, and continues to be, created purely from the fruits of a single vineyard, and is recognized around the world as being a highly desirable, artisan produced cognac.

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