Brillet Pineau Blanc Prestige Cognac

Art des Pineaus
White Blanc Pineau
Grande Champagne

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Brillet J R Cognac
26 $
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Tasting review by Brillet Cognac:

Delicate, dry and fruity, Pineau BRILLET Blanc Prestige is the perfect blend of fresh, young wine and fine Cognac


Brillet's Pineau Blanc Prestige is widely acknowledged to be one of the highest quality pineaus available on the market today.  White in color, it's deliciously dry and fruity, and perfectly balanced.  It's a delightfully alternative way to enjoy cognac - and one that offers extremely good value for money.

This wonderful blend of grape must and eaux-de-vie can be enjoyed neat (well-chilled), on the rocks or with tonic to create a long drink.  Or for an extra-special treat, add to your favorite gin or vodka cocktail.

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Über Brillet J R Cognac

Proud of its family tradition, Brillet Cognac insists that the history is entirely linked to that of cognac. As early on as 1656, Guy Brillet installed his first alembic (the classic still) at his property in the Grande Champagne. This was the introduction of the double distillation process that creates cognac to this day. The Brillets live off their philosophy that things made with care are more valuable, sticking to traditional techniques of production and packaging. Their motto is not to impress through high maintenance or expensive containers, but rather through a humble and high quality aesthetic: a real family business!

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