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Remi Landier Napoleon Viti-Collection Organic Cask Single Lot 2011 Cognac

Exceptional 94 /100
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Fins Bois

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Remi Landier Cognac

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Eye: Light and golden color.

Nose: Fruity notes of plum and poached pear, with a hint of sweet vanilla bean. Orange peel and iris flower offer a depth of aromas.

Palate: Fresh and fruity, savor the taste of Mirabelle cherry plums, sweet nutty marzipan and lemon meringue, these flavors further evolve into violet candy, hazelnut, sweet Tonka beans and even peppermint. The finish is long and indulgent, with notes of honey, fresh walnuts, apricots and coconut.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


A Celebration of Cognac - Landier’s new collaborative “Viti-Collection”

The Napoleon Viti-collection Organic Single Cask Cognac is produced by a cousin of the Remi Landier family, Jean-Yves Landier, a winegrower and distiller from the neighboring Fins Bois region. This rare, organic Cognac was blended with eaux-de-vie from the exceptional Saint Simeux terroir. Cognac in its purest, natural form - a celebration of savoir-faire.

What makes this collection, and in particular this Cognac, so special? The name VITI comes from the French viticulteurs, a term used to describe winegrowers in the Cognac region. This new range, in collaboration with Remi Landier but bottled independently, is an exciting way to promote the great work undertaken by these winegrowers, these artisans.

In addition to this, it is a celebration of the raw materials used in Cognac’s production, both in its first organically-farmed form, and the exquisite eaux-de-vie distilled after harvest. The collection has been orchestrated by the Landier family, who aim to shed light on the wide variety of Cognac’s available, emphasizing their distinct and bold qualities.

What better way to discover Cognac by celebrating each region’s producers, both large and small. Quality is prioritized when selecting the participants, with particular focus on less well-known lots that have been stored in the small cellars of local producers and above all, have not been chill-filtered. The Landiers have specifically chosen Cognacs at 45% ABV, the lack of chill-filtering means a rich and aromatic drinking experience for any Cognac lover.

This particular Cognac is single cask and 100% from the Fins Bois region, which results in a rich fruity aroma that harmonizes with spicy, woody and nutty secondary notes. The Napoleon Viti-Collection Organic Single Cask is a rare Cognac that holds a beautiful golden color, it celebrates the rich Saint Simeux soils it is grown in with its exceptional fruitness.

Delicate woody notes are present, but the dominating flavor is that of freshly pressed grapes, a powerful reminder of the product’s strict organic “raw” processes, from vine to bottle.

How to Enjoy

Serve neat, with a drop of water or over ice, the Cognac’s refreshing fruity qualities mean it can be enjoyed at any time, particularly a cool summer’s evening (perhaps outdoors with friends).

Presentation of the Bottle

This product is hand bottled into beautifully crafted and modern carafes. The stylish green labeling is an elegant reminder of the Cognac’s organic, natural production processes. A fresh and fruity Cognac stored in a bright and refreshingly designed bottle.

Über Remi Landier Cognac

A small, artisan house, Remi Landier Cognac produce a small range of  delightful quality cognacs, including some ultra-special creations that are perfect for special occasions.

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