De Luze XO Fine Champagne Cognac

Recommended 83 /100

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Fine Champagne

Serge Valentin

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Biographie: has 15,000 whisky tasting notes. Malt Maniac. Also advertising, wine, Scotland, cars, bikes and jazz... Co-owns ad agency. Santé!

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very fine drop

Recommended 82 /100

In larger houses, the gap between their VSOP and their XO can be really huge, let's see… Colour: deep gold. Nose: the core is rather similar (apples, pears and gooseberries) but there's more depth, more flowers (wisteria, dandelions, lilies) and many more honeys, heather, clover, even manuka… Lime blossom too, orange blossom, the expected preserved peaches, and even a drop of younger rancio (doré). Lovely nose here. Mouth: same feeling of a similar juice as that in the VSOP, but with more depth, more years (obviously), better polishing, waxes and honeys, mirabelles, triple-sec… And certainly a few drops of quince eau-de-vie. The 40% don't feel, there's enough body and structure. Finish: medium, on sameish notes this time again. A little caramel in the aftertaste. Comments: very fine drop! Remember, XO's are usually pretty young cognacs, contrarily to popular belief. Ve've also got a De Luze 'Infini' that's infinitely terrific, but we'll have it next time.


  • Apple
  • Caramel
  • Clove
  • Honey
  • Lime
  • Orange Blossom
  • Pear


Wood 1/10

Spice 1/10

Fruit 6/10

Flower 6/10

Bottle / Package Design 3/5

Where is the Love? Ordinary Nice Beautiful A sight to be seen!

Value for Money 3/5

Overpriced Low Average Bargain Steal



What aromas do you get when you sniff the Cognac? Do you get hints of fruits or flowers - perhaps it's sweet? Is it intense or rather flat - and most importantly, is the nose coherent to taste and finish? The nose is the most important part when tasting Cognac.



A small sip: Allow your taste buds in the various areas of your mouth to distinguish the different flavours. This part of cognac tasting is described as ‘the palate’. Don’t just swallow it down; allow the liquid to touch all the regions of the mouth. Doing this is necessary as the taste buds pick up contrasting flavours in the different areas of the mouth; on the tip of your tongue to the sides, for example. Take a tiny sip to prep your palate for the sensory experience to come. Take a second larger sip, and gently roll the cognac around, etting it come into contact with every corner of your mouth. Focus on the perceived textural sensations. Are the sensations round and rich or fresh and elegant? Is the overall mouthfeel intense, balanced, disjointed, or lacking presence? In short, how does the cognac feel in your mouth?



Quite simply, what do you taste as you gently roll the cognac around in your mouth? Pay close attention to any flavors of fruits, flowers, oak, and spices - or a complex combination of those elements. Are the flavors cohesive with the Nose and the Mouth, giving a sense of balance and complexity?



The ‘finish’ is the experience you get after you’ve swallowed the cognac. What flavours can you detect? Is it a flat or rough finish and rather sharp, or is it a slight 'punch' you like? How long does the finish last? Also think about overall balance: How does the finish compare to nose and taste?


Overall Impression

Consider the Nose, Mouth, Taste, and Finish simultaneously - the cognac as a whole. Is there cohesion between the four categories, or does the cognac shine in some areas and appear dull in others? Quite simply, is the memory from the tasting experience one that will last your lifetime; is the memory good but nothing extraordinary; or is the cognac’s impact entirely forgettable?


Total: 82/100

  • 80-84: Recommended
  • 85-89: Highly Recommended
  • 90-95: Exceptional
  • 96-100: Superlative
Flat Acceptable Fine Excellent Ethereal Thin & weak Disjointed Balanced Exquisite Bland Ordinary Gut Excellent Spectacular Non-existent, or rough Acceptable Gut Memorable Endless Uninspiring, or rough Ordinary Gut Excellent Memorable
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