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Malternative Belgium

Malternative Belgium

Cognac #LBV1 Les Bons-Vivants

Grosperrin Lot 84 Cognac by Malternative Belgium & Asta Morris

It's a new project between 2 good friends and professional bon vivants: Bert Bruyneel (Asta Morris) and Pieter Knappen. The first selection is a barrel from the cellars of Grosperrin: Lot 84, Petite Champagne, 56.6% ABV.

A cognac that shows its best side during its maturation. Balanced by its tropical fruitiness and sweet spice. The southern sun in the glass, tropical fruits, delicate peppers, génépi liqueur and a very long, warm aftertaste.

A Petite Champagne Cognac at its best!

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Growth Area: petite Champagne

LOT: 84

ABV: 56.6 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Brand: Grosperrin


Eye: A rich coffee-like color.

Nose: Deep and flavoursome, the nose first presents hints of Caribbean rum. Followed by Demerara sugar, and smokey notes of tobacco leaves and cigar boxes. There are also some spicy aromas including nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, before fragrances of rancio and leather kick in.

Mouth: Rich, always with clear undertones of brown sugar and molasses, alongside figs and prune jam. The mouth then prevails with hints of liquorice and tobacco, before notes of leather and a few drops of Fernet Branca come to life. There is an underlying caramel sweetness that complements notes and flavors of burnt cake while keeping slightly tannic woody aromas in check.

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Location of the Dordogne in France

Landscape of the Dordogne

Ysatis and Pieter - the couple behind Malternative Belgium

About Malternative Belgium

Ysatis and Pieter founded the Malternative label just before the Corona pandemic in March 2020.

It all started following several trips to Cognac between 2015 and 2020, where the pair fell in love with the authenticity, history, hospitality and gastronomy of the Cognac region. As lovers of whisky, they slowly began to make the switch to Cognac - an esteemed "malternative".

Working with different brands, Ysatis and Pieter personally visit the Cognac producers to form good relationships in order to make their own selections to be sold under their brand name. The bottles are completed in France, and the labels are personalized with a special mention of the producer.

The latest project of malternative saw the couple open up their very first experience store in Hasselt, Belgium which features their own bottlings and the likes of Daniel Bouju Lot 60 Cognac by Malternative Belgium (of course!) as well as other rarities from esteemed Cognac houses including Pineau des Charentes and bottlings distilled between 1903 and 2018.

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