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Dobbé O - Orange Liqueur with Cognac


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Dobbe Cognac

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Eye: A refreshingly light hue made from golden tints.

Nose: The initial nose lucratively suggests the harmony of orange blossom, combined with delicious candied, caramlised zest. Secondary aromas offer light to bitter orange, with subtle hints of compote and hazelnuts.

Palate: Versatile in its optimal balance of sweetness and light, with a pleasant lingering length.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Dobbé O - Orange Liqueur with Cognac

The Dobbé O Orange Liqueur is a light, bittersweet blend that makes a delightfully refreshing drink. The combination of Cognac, with the wonderfully fruity taste of orange, makes it a choice that can be enjoyed by all. A golden liqueur that is pleasantly smooth, with an enjoyable bitterness of Cognac and a lingering taste. Incredibly versatile, it is a choice that suits every occasion effortlessly.

Complementing the light and refreshing essence of this Cognac, its origins are a delectable vineyard located on the sun-drenched hills of the highly sought after Petite Champagne. Boasting strong values of the love of the land, the history of this Cognac is as idealistic as its fulfilling flavour. Renowned for its production of exceptionally smooth Eaux-de-vie, the Dobbé O Orange Liqueur is a Cognac that can be appreciated by all.

Presentation of the bottle 

The design of this bottle is as energising as the Cognac that lies within it. Contemporary in style choice, its uniqueness is instantly evident. Challenging the typical Dobbé tradition, this bottle is unlike any other. It’s distinctive type and illustration effortlessly bring a traditional classic into the modern-day. An understated detailing that everyone will appreciate.

How to enjoy

A delightfully refreshing choice, this is a Cognac that suits being placed on the rocks to bring the crispness of its flavour into its own. Or, place in your favourite cocktail to enjoy as a thirst-quenching long drink, with a satisfying zest.

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Über Dobbe Cognac

Dobbé is a well-renowned, family-run Cognac producer in its 10th generation. With a rich history stretching back to the late 1700s, the Dobbé family have remained true to the original passion and savoir-faire of their ancestors for centuries. Predominantly situated in the prestigious Petite Champagne cru of Cognac, today the brand is credited for their exceptional quality Cognacs that are exported all around the world.

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