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Uncover the Mystery

Welcome to our ‘reveal’ page, where you can find all the delicious details of your Cognac advent calendar. If you want to keep a little mystery and perform your own blind tasting, then sample your bottle for the day before you continue reading. However perhaps you’d rather have all your cards on the table before indulging, in which case carry on. This page of secrets will reveal to you the Cognac for each specific day of December. Each product will be accompanied by a mini-podcast from the producer themselves, discussing the ins and outs of the whole process and its history. If you’ve sampled a Cognac and your palate is already thirsty for more, add it to your wish list from the page and let’s hope the elves gets the memo. You can also leave yourself a review for each of the bottles and sound like a true connoisseur over the festive season. Please log into your account to access both of these functions.

For those who have had enough of surprises for one year, there is a PDF available detailing all 24 cognacs. We won’t tell Father Christmas if you open your favorites first. Download reveal list of all 24 Cognacs.

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Thank you for purchasing this year’s Cognac Calendar.Prepare to experience the delicacies we have on offer over 24 days as we reveal the secrets of our beloved region to you.

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