Tesseron Extreme Cognac

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Tesseron Cognac
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Eye: A wonderfully rich burnt caramel color.

Nose: Its rancio nose is thanks to its many years ageing in oak casks, a smooth and harmonious bouquet. The second nose delivers countless aromas that develop and intensify.

Palate: A round mouthfeel with a nice, soft finish. It's exceptionally long-lingering finish is an irrefutable pledge of its quality.


Take Home a Piece of History with Tesseron Extreme Cognac

Tesseron Extrême, a Grande Champagne blend that is considered “Hors d'Age”, is a Cognac that will undoubtedly delight the few that get to taste it. This is the first time this exceptional blend of ancient treasures, hidden within Tesseron's “Paradis” Cellar for many years, has been put on sale. It is so rare that even specialists and high end collectors are talking about it only as a memory of flavors long sought after and never found...

The Tesseron Extreme really is something special. A collectors item and rare pearl, it is a piece of history and a celebration of the craftsmanship and heritage that the four generations of the Tesseron family have brought to the world of Cognac. Created by cellar master and master blender Jacky Martial, this Cognac contains a harmonious marriage of eaux-de-vie that have been carefully selected over a year long process, with some boasting ages of over 100 years old.

Extreme has been created from a secret blend of 10 eaux-de-vie, with the oldest being from 1853!

This Cognac is velvety and supple on the palate, a smooth sensory experience that is testament to its aging process and high quality. Surprisingly mellow despite its complex depth of flavors that intensify and develop with every sip. Only 300 decanters of this extraordinary Cognac are produced every year, a product so rare that connoisseurs the world over are hunting far and wide to get their hands on a bottle.

The Tesseron Cognac estate deals exclusively in Cognac's of XO age and above. Their collection of rare and prestigious Cognacs stored in the "paradis" cellars of the estate were first stored there by none other than Abel Tesseron himself when the House was founded in 1905. This legacy and tradition has been passed down through four generations, with the Maison now ran by Mélanie Tesseron.

What makes Tesseron so sought after is not only the high-quality eaux-de-vie and the exquisite presentation of its bottle design, but the story that is sold with it. The "paradis" cellars at Tesseron are in fact a former crypt of a 12th century abbey, creating a unique atmosphere for the maturation process that is rich in history and tradition. The cellars are protected using guard dogs, this is understandable when you realise some of their oldest cognacs have been there for over 175 years!

Presentation of the Bottle

This unique creation comes in a small, wax-sealed, 1.75 litre "dame-jeanne" (demijohn), reminiscent of the famous 25 litre demijohns that store the finest eaux-de-vie used to produce this masterful Cognac.

Presented to you nestled in a beautiful lacquered box, the Tesseron Extreme is not only a treat for the tastebuds, but on the eyes as well. An exceptionally rare work of art, valued amongst professional and domestic Cognac experts alike.

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Über Tesseron Cognac

Cognac Tesseron specializes, as this slogan suggests, in high-end cognacs. As their marketing slogan suggests, they only produce “XO and Beyond”, so cognacs from the XO age onwards. From their ancestral home Domaine Tesseron in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, which lies between Cognac and Angoulême, the Tesseron family traditionally used to sell its eaux-de-vie to the large cognac houses. But in 2003 they decided to release a range under their own family name. The Tesserons are also active in wine production, owning Château Pontet-Canet – a Pauillac classified property producing Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux wine.

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