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Chollet Vieux 3945 Cognac

Hors d'Age

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Fins Bois

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Chollet Cognac

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Eye:  Deep mahogany, light and shiny

Nose: Powerful, great clarity. Tones of banana, scented undergrowth, and spices

Palate: Round, balanced, with delicious woodiness and depth. Long, long after taste.

This bottle comes without the wooden box.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Chollet Vieux 3945 Cognac

The Chollet Vieux 3945 Cognac is a truly exceptional Cognac with a potent power that will remain long after it touches your lips. Created from Fins Bois eaux-de-vie that began life during WWII, its history is as impressive as its robust flavor. Since then oak barrels and Mother Nature have worked their wonders, and the delicious liquid was deemed to be at its pinnacle point for bottling in November 2009. That means, this Cognac is around 70 years old. Naturally, this high-end Cognac is only available in a limited edition, and each bottle is uniquely numbered for an extra special touch.

Produced by a house that specializes in very old Cognac’s, this historic delight has been held in safe hands. Using the same practices that came to light in 1952, tradition is at the very heart of all that Chollet does. The Vieux 3945 is a wonderful Cognac from the Chollet range. An embodiment of history, expertise, and tradition it encapsulates the brilliance of a well-aged Cognac expertly.

Presentation of the bottle

The traditional presentation is perfect for such an old delight. An old, stained label beautifully conveys the time that this Cognac has traveled. Complimented by a black and white photograph, even upon first glance you are invited to soak up its rich history.

How to enjoy

Due to the age of this Cognac, it is best enjoyed neat to allow its rich and robust flavour space for appreciation. Take long, slow sips with plenty of time to savour the depth of this historic masterpiece.

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Über Chollet Cognac

The house of Chollet Cognac might have a shorter history than some in the region, but it's a fascinating one. In addition, the stor just goes to show what can be achieved if you truly want to follow your passion. The hard work that the founders of Chollet Cognac undertook in 1952 is tantamount to the success of the house today. It's a wonderful example of how a small, artisan brand can bring the delicious wonders of the world of Cognac to us, as a consumer. The range on offer from Chollet includes some very old Cognacs–very certainly ones that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Definitely a brand to explore for both the connoiseur and the less experienced Cognac drinker.

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