Mr. Gaston Gin Sherry Cask Finish Organic

Biologischer Anbau
Organically produced
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Nose: Vegetal nuances with notes of citrus and pepper, rancio and Morello Cherry

Palate: Nuances of Juniper berries, coriander, lemon and tangerine peel and elderflower. A soft vegetal attack, with a touch of unctuousness and a gourmet finish.


Mr. Gaston Gin Sherry Cask Finish Organic

Mr. Gaston Gin Sherry Cask Finish Organic is marked by the freshness of its vegetal bouquet combined with notes of citrus and pepper, all enhanced by a hint of rancio and Morello cherry brought by the Sherry cask. This gin delight presents the delicious union of five organically grown ingredients, enriched and brought together beautifully by a 3-month finish in Pedro Jimenez Sherry barrels. Made following organic production methods, this sherry infused gin features fruity flavors from the offset, making it the summer’s aperitif and component to refreshing cocktails.

Releasing a new range with a twist, Maison Cognac Park are pulling out all the stops with the Mr Gaston collection featuring gin and brandy offerings that stand out in the liquor cabinet. Boasting both delicate and complex characteristics, this brand boasts products formed from the best expressions of the Cognac region’s terroirs. While its unique style sets it apart from the rest.

Presentation of the bottle

Dressed in a contemporary, heavy based decanter, the presentation of this quality gin appears classy and understated, with mint green accents featured across the labelwork. The Mr Gaston branding is artfully scribbled onto the label and details a quirky hand-drawn illustration with matching typography. A stand out product that will stylishly take center stage amongst other spirit’s at the bar.

How to enjoy

Specially designed to enhance the best cocktails, all of the gin’s in the Mr Gaston range serve beautifully - neat, or topped up with tonic water, on the rocks. Enjoy as an aperitif amongst guests or as a solo tipple to relax and unwind the right way.

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