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Godet Rivage Gin

Godet Cognac

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Eye: Barely-there straw.

Nose: Like an ocean breeze. Fresh and reviving, with clear marine herbal notes underlined by sweet grapefruit. 

Palate: Somewhat dry and woody, thanks to the inclusion of pine and rosemary. The salty samphire breaks through with the citrus to finish on a long, bright note. 


Godet Rivage Gin: a True Taste of La Rochelle

Reflecting the stunning French seaside landscape, this is a gin bursting with authentic botanicals from the shores of La Rochelle, infused in French grape eau-de-vie. Godet Rivage Gin draws its distinct flavor from Atlantic pine bud, pine sap, rock samphire, rosemary, dill, basil, angelica, fennel and grapefruit, all locally sourced on the west coast of France. A cold and slow infusion for two days in wine spirit before undergoing an unusual filtration through oyster shells. After filtration, it is then redistilled in a copper pot still before being reduced to 43% and bottled. 

Founded in 1782, Godet Cognac ranges amongst the oldest Cognac houses. The Godet family has been based in the seaside town and former trading hub La Rochelle for 400 years and since the very beginnings of Cognac production, they have played an important role in perfecting this culture. Cognac Godet has been in the hands of the same family for 15 generations, who have placed tradition and excellence at the heart of their business. Godet is also one of the few Cognac producers who focus on cultivating and using the Folle Blanche grape variety, the original Cognac grape, which they use for their spirit base. 

The Godet family's expertise in wine-making and distilling results in outstanding gin, liqueur and whisky as well as Cognac - an excellent standing for a family-run company. Today, the business is headed by Godet president Jean-Jacques Godet, assisted by his three sons Jean Eduard, Maxime and Cyril.

Presentation of the Bottle

The stunning bottle design is sure to catch the attention of any spirit lover, shaped like an old apothecary bottle and topped with a natural wood stopper. A multicolored, modern wrap-around design in green, blue, pink and gold evoke the natural marine botanicals which were used to make this gin. This would make a wonderful gift for any gin lover. 

Serving Suggestion

Of course, like any gin, this is best served tall with tonic water or soda water. We recommend garnishing your Rivage Gin & Tonic with a long twist of pink grapefruit peel and a sprig of samphire. Alternatively, why not make a La Rochelle Martini:

  • 60ml Godet Rivage Gin
  • 10ml Dry Vermouth 
  • Two drops saline (optional)

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice until thoroughly chilled. Strain into a frozen martini or coupette glass and garnish with a thin twist of grapefruit peel. This would make a great accompaniment to oysters or simply served as an afternoon aperitif. 

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Über Godet Cognac

Das Haus Godet Cognac wird seit 14 Generationen von der Familie geführt. Es ist ein perfektes Beispiel für ein Cognac Haus, das tief an die Tradition dieses Geistes und seine Ursprünge glaubt. Gleichzeitig gelingt es Godet, mit der Moderne Schritt zu halten, indem es kürzlich einen Cognac aus einer in der Cognacindustrie fast ausgestorbenen Traubensorte hergestellt hat: Folle Blache. Dieser Cognac heißt "Antarctica Godet" und wurde durch einen zweimonatigen Segeltörn zum Südpol inspiriert.

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