G'Vine June Liqueur de Gin

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Eye: A very welcoming light peach color.

Nose: Light and fruity with a hint of fresh vanilla.

Palate: Hints of peach, juniper, coriander and a touch of leafy mint.


An exquisite rare Gin Liqueur that exudes natural and vibrancy

Experience the vibrant and delicate taste that reminds you of a beautiful summer brought to you exclusively by the leading French luxury Gin makers. The G’Vine June Liqueur de Gin is an unconventional masterpiece because the blend is made from the exceptionally delicate essential ingredient - grape flowers.

Every bottle of G’Vine June Liqueur de Gin goes through a special process with each vine blossoms are harvested by hand and distilled into an exquisite fragrant alcohol. It is then combined with other plants and spices to produce a unique spirit which it will go through a second and final distillation called “Lily-Fleur” through an alembic. H4: How To Serve The gin is best enjoyed in a long glass with a splash of soda or tonic water.

Founder, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet decided that the French gin offering was not satisfactory, and wanted to create something new and exciting. Reaching deep into the centuries-old heritage of the Cognac region and winemaking craft, he created something rather unconventional and innovative. The G’Vine gin brand was born from combining the neutral Ugni Blanc grape spirit captured at the perfect moment when the vine flower blooms, alongside ten fresh botanicals. The Floraison and Nouaison gins are two wonderful expressions from a thoroughly modern gin distiller.

Presentation of The Decanter

A unique bottle that is beautifully decorated with flower prints and a wooden stopper. The G'Vine June Gin would make a perfect gift for any occasions celebrated in the summer.

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