Chollet Grande Champagne Altesse XO Extra Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Chollet Cognac


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Eye: Bright orange, with soft amber hues. 

Nose: A subtle, yet potent bouquet.

Palate: Elegant, with a round offering. Complex, yet balanced boasting a powerful essence.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Chollet Grande Champagne Altesse XO Extra Cognac

The Chollet Grande Champagne Altesse XO Extra Cognac is a very special blend indeed. A pure Grande Champagne delight, this fruity, round, elegant offering thrills in every aspect. A display of perfect harmony, it’s an embodiment that is complex, yet balanced with a powerful essence you won’t forget. It’s the ultimate reminder of why the chalky soils of the Grande Champagne are referred to as the 'premier cru' of the region. A selection you certainly won’t forget.

Produced by a house with a short, but fascinating history, Chollet boasts traditional practices that were first discovered by its founders in 1952. A small, artisan house each selection is carefully considered and crafted to the highest degree. Offering creations that will delight every kind of Cognac lover, it is a house that you are going to want to familiarise yourself with.


VIth Challenge to the Best French Spirits for Asia 2016 - Gold Medal

Presentation of the bottle

Arriving in a stylish, heavy decanter this is a Cognac that immediately catches the eye. An original oval shape, with a traditional cork top, it’s reminiscent of the Chollet house history. A sepia label with scroll writing outlines the contents beautifully and effortlessly invites you in to take a sip. Finished in a wooden display box, it’s fine art from start to finish. One that you will inevitably want to put on show for all to see.

How to enjoy

This is a Cognac to enjoy neat, as a digestif to offer its beautiful balance appreciation. A tip from the cellar master of Chollet Cognac: "Once consumed, keep your tulip glass in your hands and smell it from time to time. The scent of this princess will continue to seduce you".

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Über Chollet Cognac

The house of Chollet Cognac might have a shorter history than some in the region, but it's a fascinating one. In addition, the stor just goes to show what can be achieved if you truly want to follow your passion. The hard work that the founders of Chollet Cognac undertook in 1952 is tantamount to the success of the house today. It's a wonderful example of how a small, artisan brand can bring the delicious wonders of the world of Cognac to us, as a consumer. The range on offer from Chollet includes some very old Cognacs–very certainly ones that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Definitely a brand to explore for both the connoiseur and the less experienced Cognac drinker.

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