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Charpentron Extra Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Charpentron Cognac
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Eye: A dark mahogany color.

Nose: Delicate and subtle aromas, sweet and complex flavors, with floral and spicy notes perfuming the second nose.

Palate: Notes of sandalwood, old leather and blond tobacco.


Cognac the old fashioned way: Charpentron Extra Grande Champagne Cognac

Sometimes the old ways are the best, and the master blenders at the Charpentron estate maintain this motto religiously. For those more discerning Cognac connoisseurs, it’s evident that an Extra-aged, Grand Champagne Cognac produced by a centuries-old estate is undoubtedly a winner on any palate, however with this particular blend, the Charpentron Extra Cognac, they have gone the extra mile, using tradition and craftsmanship to make a truly unique and Extra special Cognac...

What makes a great Cognac? Some would argue its eaux-de-vie MUST be exclusively from the premier cru (Grande Champagne), others that it must only contain eaux-de-vie distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes, or perhaps that it requires a long maturation process in traditional Limousin oak barrels… Lucky for you, Charpenton boasts this triple threat, a killer combination of quality.

In fact, 98% of the estate’s vineyard is dedicated to the magnificent Ugni Blanc grape, moreover, the producers make every effort to avoid using chemicals in their farming processes, resulting in purer, more environmentally-friendly eaux-de-vie that are blended into your favorite Cognac.

This degree of detail travels right through the production process, with a distillation process “à l’ancienne”, in other words, the old fashioned way! Tradition is at the heart of this estate, founded in 1764 in Gondeville, near Jarnac, using coal-fired copper (alambic) stills to distill their eaux-de-vie into the high quality Cognac that ends up in your snifter!

Once distilled, the Cognac is then transferred into traditional Limousin oak barrels and left to age, with this particular Extra Cognac left for more than 20 years to develop a complex variety of flavors, tantalizing your tastebuds with every sip!

This Cognac ticks all the boxes, premier cru provenance, exquisite eaux-de-vie, traditional techniques… but the true tasting experience comes thanks to the estate’s efforts to respect their heritage and history. A 20-year-old Cognac produced using the methods of the past, a hint of history with every sip.

The Cognac’s deep mahogany color is thanks to its long aging process, absorbing the wonderful flavors brought out by the classic French oak casks. The delicate and subtle aromas produced on the first nose slowly develop when left to aerate, followed by an array of sweet, floral and spicy scents.

On the palate, this Extra Cognac shows its age, presenting a plethora of powerful flavors, including sandalwood, old leather and blond tobacco. A true treat for your tastebuds, especially for those Cognac drinkers who prefer the earthy tones of an Extra Cognac.

How to Enjoy

The earthy notes of sandalwood, leather and tobacco make this Extra Cognac the perfect accompaniment to an after-dinner cigar.

Or, if you have a sweet tooth, why not pair it with a rich, bitter chocolate dessert? Allow the Cognac to aerate a little before taking your first sip, enjoy neat in a tulip or snifter to truly appreciate its complex array of aromas.

Presentation of the bottle

Like their production methods, this bottle is traditional in its design. Understated, subtle yet sublime. An elegant, slender bottle frames the deep mahogany color beautifully, while its stylish silver stopper stores the sweet and complex aromas housed within.

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