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Majeste Cognac

Majeste Cognac

Owned by Branded Spirits (USA) Ltd, Majesté Cognac is a brand that is probably better known in China and the Middle East as opposed to the western hemisphere. Currently producing only a single product - Majesté Cognac XO – this is a premium brand using a blend of Fine Champagne cognacs that are aged 25 years or older.

Besuchen Majeste: 28, Queens Road East, Wanchai ,Tesbury Center , Hong Kong ,+825-28653883 ,No visits possible www.majestecognac.com Other products by Majeste: Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Liqueur, Wine

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History of Majesté Cognac

Majesté Cognac is a family owned, boutique vineyard that specializes in using only eau-de-vie created in the best years to blend into their product. 

Cognac Majesté Today

Happily taking full advantage of the Chinese penchant for older cognacs, Cognac Majesté is distributed widely by China Distribution Ltd. A few years ago the brand was virtually unheard of, but now it can be found in some of China’s top hotels, trendy nightclubs and luxurious bars. Cognac Majesté was also served at the 2008 Royal Coronation in Tonga. 

News, Products and Prices

Along with the mellow, honey and liquorice flavour of the cognac itself, Majesté Cognac is also all about the presentation. Hand crafted and hand decorated bottles made from lead free crystal glass are topped with an anti-tampering closure device. Not only that, but Majesté Cognac also provide a premium range of matching products including leather wallets and humidors as well as jewellery boxes.

As to the price, it seems like this is a bit of a secret, as there are no price indications to be found anywhere online. Be sure though that this luxury branded cognac is not free...

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