Domaine du Chêne

Domaine du Chêne

Located at the heart of the Romanesque Saintonge province is Domaine du Chêne, which has remained a family estate for several generations since Jean-Baptiste Doussoux bought his first still in 1865.

The vineyard now covers 80 hectares growing several different grapes, including rare and old varieties like the Folle Blanche, among other classic varieties such as the Ugni Blanc.

The vineyards themselves are over 80 years old and today produce a range of bespoke products including their "Domaine du Chêne" range and Cognac "Jean Doussoux".

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In 1865, founder Jean-Baptiste Doussoux bought his first still to begin production. The distillation process was later abandoned in favor of the war effort.

By 1946, the process was restarted by Jean Doussoux. In 1947, he began developing his own Pineau des Charentes.

In 1993, Jean Doussoux and Jean-Marie Baillif joined forces and developed the marketing strategy for the "Domaine du Chêne" Pineau des Charentes and "Jean Doussoux" Cognac.

Over the years, they have caught the eye of critics and won several awards from the Guide Hachette, in regional competitions and so on.

In keeping with contemporary trends, they have managed to maintain tradition and the utmost respect of the family’s savoir-faire to bring the brand into the present day.

Today, there is a varied range of products that have been aged for differing amounts of time, which gives them a great aromatic richness.

Today Jean-Marie Baillif continues to create and develop all ranges of Domaine du Chêne Cognac by creating unique products that respect their history, combining tradition and modernity.

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