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Comandon Cognac

Comandon Cognac

Comandon is an independent Cognac house that continue to control all of their production in-house. Their philosophy lies in uniting traditional elegance and two centuries of savoir-faire with modernity and pushing the boundaries, which can be seen in their bespoke branding campaigns and unique internet presence. Think La Dolce Vita meets Armani.

With an extremely forward-thinking marketing agenda and a particularly hands-on approach when it comes to the music and entertainment industry, Comandon have carved themselves an interesting space for a niche approach to the Cognac business.

They do an exceptional job of producing small, artisanal batches that offer rare and limited glimpses into one particular terroir, or one exceptional harvest, whether the eaux-de-vie are younger or older. For this reason, they defy tradition in the Cognac world, who believe that “older is better” and producing the same Cognac year in, year out is the end objective. Comandon instead work in tandem with nature, initiating unique collaborations for their single cask collection, and never fearing experimentation.

With a history dating back around 200 years, the Cognac house continue to produce excellent Cognac and receive top-notch awards.

Besuchen Comandon: 1 rue Saulnier ,16100 Cognac ,Contact the Cognac house for information on public visits.

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History of Comandon

The house of Comandon was founded in 1821 by the very young and ambitious Pierre Comandon. It had been a tough time for the Cognac trade, with trade barriers between Great Britain and France for many years due to Napoleon's warfare with the neighboring countries. But when the emperor finally fell, the region of Cognac felt a strong comeback and the Cognac business got back on track. Pierre established his headquarters on the banks of the Charente river in Jarnac.

Later on, in 1851, he would become a local celebrity, as he was voted as the mayor of Jarnac. But he stayed true to his love for Cognac and his company even while serving as a civil politician. In the second generation, it was Louis Comandon who took over the running of the Cognac house. He, too, was an active political voice in the Charente and was partly responsible for the 1909 and 1936 decrees, which finally lead to the controlled "appellation" of Cognac.

Comandon Today

Today, Comandon is run by Patrick and Franck Vigneron, father and son. The Cognac house has positioned itself cleverly as a contemporary business, with involvement in a music festival and the entertainment industry. The modern design of the homepage, held in black, white and red (with romantic piano music) manages to give Cognac a look of classic chic. Not too old-fashioned, not too trendy. The logo with its palm tree emblem stands out for being quite exotic, and it has been used since 1821 as it was perceived back then as a symbol of wealth and worldliness. All in all, Comandon has created a brand than makes consumers worldwide curious for their product.

News, Products, Awards and Old Labels

Comandon's product range offers a classic line of VS, VSOP and XO, available on a single batch basis, meaning once consumed there is no more. They have also forged ahead a reputation for their single cask selection starting back 2009, and since 2014 they have offered a line of finish Cognacs with ex-barrels from Banyuls, Champagne, Ribera del Duero and Sherry.

In 2010, Comandon scored big time at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco: winning World Best Cognac for all categories of Cognacs, Double Gold Medal for its XO, Gold Medal for its VSOP, Silver Medal for its VS. And Bronze Medal for its packaging. In 2014, Comandon won again World Best Cognac for the XO category, a sign of their commitment to continue crafting quality Cognacs.

Comandon also hosted events such as Tony Touch and Rick Ross in Barcelona, Fat Joe, Fabulous and Tony in Budapest. They seem to be approaching new markets in Spain and Hungary with such activities. But also in the USA, with celebrities such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne or Ne-Yo.

Comandon not only collaborate with celebrities but also other businesses for experimental products such as Vina Pedrosa and La Cochesa in Spain, or Terres des Templiers in France. More recently, Comandon launched ‘Comandon X Le Garage’; a Cognac made in collaboration with Franck Bernier, owner of Le Garage Bar in Cognac.

Visit Comandon

There is no information about public visits on Comandon's homepage. Please contact the Cognac house directly at

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