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Armagnac L'encantada XO D'Artagnan

Armagnac age
XO Armagnac
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Eye: Glimmering amber. 

Nose: Hints of cocoa, soft sun-ripened fruits (plum, apricot) and winter spices accompanied by some tannins. 

Palate: Structured and well-balanced, showing some brilliant fruit notes, gingerbread and toasted oak. 


Armagnac L'encantada XO D'Artagnan: One For All

Lupiac, in the heart of Gascony, was the 17th century birthplace of one of the most emblematic characters in the history of France and certainly the most famous Gascon: Charles de Batz de Castelmore, better known as D’Artagnan. To honor this valiant musketeer, L'encantada have developed the Armagnac L'encantada XO D'Artagnan, a Bas-Armagnac blend assembled from a collection of small domains and different vintages. This supple and aromatic XO perfectly encapsulates the bold character and finesse of the Bas-Armagnac region, bottled as brut de fût, which means no water, color or sugar has been added.

The producers that supply Armagnac to L'encantada have distilled their eaux-de-vie in the heart of their domains using mobile stills heated by wood fires. Aged slowly in their spirit cellars, these Armagnacs are personally selected by the cellar master at L'encantada and only bottled once they’ve reached their optimal maturity. Every expression is brut de fût, which means no coloring, sugar or water has been added. The founders Christelle, Vincent and Frédéric are first and foremost dedicated to the preservation of Armagnac craftsmanship, and over the years they have curated an exclusive collection of rare pearls, forgotten elixirs and exceptional pieces to share and savor.

Produced in the Gascony region of south-west France, between the Adour and Garonne rivers in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the history of Armagnac dates back to at least the 15th century. The terroir here is rugged and earthy, spread across rolling hills drenched in sunshine during the long summer - resulting in dark, rich and rustic eaux-de-vie with concentrated aromas. Traditionally produced using wines made from Colombard, Baco Blanc, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc grapes, Armagnac is distilled in column stills rather than pot stills, and distilled only once. The resulting spirit is generally of a low ABV - around 52% - and is then aged in oak barrels before being bottled. 

Presentation of the Bottle

Simple yet bold, the wide bottle has a universal appeal. On the label, the silhouette of a musketeer can be seen on his horse. 

How to Enjoy Armagnac L'encantada XO D'Artagnan

We recommend trying this flavorful XO expression after dinner, paired with a cheeseboard, black coffee or even a cigar. Pour into a tulip glass and let it rest for 30 seconds or so before taking a sip - this will allow the aromas to fully develop, giving the optimal drinking experience. 

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